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Looking for Dynamic Driver IEM ( Sony EX1000, EX600, Vsonic GR07, et )

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Hi, I am looking forward to get a dynamic driver IEM for detail, analytical music. 

I prefer to have proper isolation but not expecting the best though. 


I've recently tried GR07 and Atrios MG5 ( MG7 driver ) and they sounds really good. 

And I also have a chance to try my friend's IE80 . woa .. pretty awesome . gs1000.gif

I am in love with instrumentals and vocals music now.

Thus, so far, I've these on the list and which would be the your suggestion and the reasons why. 

Sony EX1000, EX600, Vsonic GR07, Fututure Sonic Atrios, Aurisonic ASG 1 Rev 1.2 , IE 80 and any thing else ?


My music source would be rockbox-iPod Classic, Sansa Fuze/Clip+ through cMoyBB and Fiio E6. most of the tracks are in flac. 



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If you want details, analytical and proper isolation, i thought Balanced Armature drivers was a better choice.


Dynamic like the ie80 requires some air-hole or ventilation to reproduce sound, isolation is a little compromised there, but having a air vent means

ventilation to ur ears, leading to better sounds and tolerance for longer listening periods.

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Vsonic GR07 MK II because it is great with all types of music. Or you can wait for Vsonics upcoming Flagship the GR08 which will retail for around 300 and supposedly sound as good as $1000 AKG 3003.

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the sonys will give you no isolation. aurisonics are very difficult in fit. i would say go for i80. gr07 id not bad, but soundstage is without depth and they can be sibilant at times.
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The Sony EX1000 are very detailed in all frequencies even more than the IEMs you already tried but isolation is average.

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How about the Vsonic GR01? It is said to be even more detailed that the GR07. Isolation with double flange tips or memory foam stuffed single flange tips is definitely above average.

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Thank you all for your inputs and really appreciate. any other alternative other than I mentioned above ? pros and cons 

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You might want to consider the Yamaha EPH-100.
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If you don't mind refurbs, the Monster outlet website has the Monster Turbine Pro Copper for $150 USD (MSRP $400) and the Monster Miles Davis Tributes for $99 (MSRP $500).
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I'd say go for EX600 or EX1000 if you can handle the lacking of isolation. because of their detailing and airy soundstage, they have good channel separation and imaging is great. They're both very natural sounding and balanced through the low end and mids. Though if it's for outdoor use forget it, isolation won't be enough with EX series. Then I'd look at something like GRO7 MK2 which gives up some air, stays well balanced and has a beautiful cable you can ponder upon for hours.
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I don't mind refurbs though. I saw about the greatness of sony ex series and it's known as one of the best dynamic out there. I'd have yet to go and audition myself. =)

anyone minds sharing experience with HiFiMan RE series ? 

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Originally Posted by sofastreamer View Post

aurisonics are very difficult in fit. 


Humm I haven't tried yet but is it really difficult to fit in ( like EX600/1000 ) ? 
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depends on your ear shape. to me ex1000 was way more comfortable and easier to get a seal.
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The GR07 and the Sony EX600/1000/MDR7550 fit me wonderfully. The Sony is definitely different in design but I think they are one of the most comfortable IEM's I have owned. BUT the Sony's definitely are not great for isolation and they suffer from wind noise so may not be the best if you plan on using them on transit or outdoors a lot. The GR07 while not as isolating as the best IEM's out there is still pretty good in this area and like H2OFidelity mentioned are a good compromise. I personally found the Monster Copper's to be tricky to get a good seal and I was constantly fiddling with them in ear. 

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Go EX1000 amazing neutral analytical sound, amazing detail and the best dynamic signature like this you'll find.

Has poor isolation.

The sig you want really will appear better in BA form. Like the Heir Audio 4.Ai.
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