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CMOY, or PA2V2 as first (portable) Amp for Koss Pro DJ100 - Page 2

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Originally Posted by fauxpas View Post

Do the typical head-fi thing! Buy both and do a comparo...


It's not like they're super expensive...

Yes, that's what we do many times.

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Not another one..

*runs of screaming in to the horizon*

Whats with you guys, really. Cant you see i'm desperate for some easy to handle shopping instructions. Get A for reasons 1,2 & 3.

Get B for reasons 3,4 & 5.


Go for the Fiio E11. It is affordable, well made, straps on to your player with that famous rubber band and is really tiny.

I've been using it for Koss Pro DJ100, Sennheiser HD 25 II and the Grado SR325i and it is great for all of them. Just a good little amp.

You can add bass in to levels and it has a low / high gain switch. In addition: it uses standart LI-ION batteries that have no memory effect and are cheap to get on ebay, just to have one in reserve.


I'd recommend it to you. Just get it. 

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Another member, tdockweiler, swears by the koss pro dj100 and he highly suggests the headroom total airhead for these cans, currently $50 on headroom's website.
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Ok, now you guys are just being mean for sure... Whats with you guys. You get a kick out of making this sorry Swede a babbling mess? Rofl, just kidding. The Total airhead seams interesting with it's feature-set, but it seams to me the "crossfeed" feature is nothing but delayed crosstalk? Is this really a good thing?


The Fiio E11 i actually had the opportunity to try, i didn't like it. Not sure why, but the sound was less enjoyable then straight from the phone.


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Look at that, he even agrees with me on the e11. Well, i sent a email to Headroom, as thats the unit that may raise in price (a lot) if things go bad. If i don't like the sound i might end up with 3 apm's, and hating the silence. Yet again, thank you all for your time and effort.


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The Headroom will be fine. Good deal. Didn't see that. Although I don't agree with rating the E11 that harsh, I'd say go for the Headroom. For this price it's a no brainer. Have fun!

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Bloody hell. Shipping is as much as the amp. I'm going to have to think about this. Yes, i want it, but with 2x M50 pads, and $45-65 shipping, and 25% tax as well as custom fee's... I'm looking at 150 bucks easy. And thats freaking fearsome.


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Crazy good as the deal is, i sadly have decided to turn it down. With tax and customs it's simply to expensive. Not so much due to tax and customs on the amp, but as tax and customs is calculated on the total price, including shipping and insurance. So it again looks like a PA2V2 for me. It's sneaking in just below the customs minimum value for customs fees, so at most i might have to pay tax on it. Most the time they don't even bother with that.


Yet again, a big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this thread.

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I hope you enjoy your coming setup!

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Yeah, i do to... Sort of saddens me now that i know about the total airhead, and the crazy deal on it, but what can you do.


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Hi,I have had a cmoy,PA2V2 and a total airhead,i kept the PA2V2 longer than the other two,i much prefered it,only sold it when i got an AMB mini3 which i still use.If i had more sense than money i would have just kept on using the PA2V2 sounded good and never had a flat battery..bigsmile_face.gif

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