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For Sale: For Sell: Sony MDR-7509

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For Sale:
For Sell: Sony MDR-7509

Will Ship To: CONUS

Heya, up for sale today is my Sony MDR-7509's. (Not to be confused with the 7506's or 7509HD's!)


These are a really interesting (and nice!) sounding headphone. They easily have the best extension I've heard in a Sony headphone (both bass and treble extend very well), and in that regard they even best my CD900ST's. Bass is a little emphasized, but is very articulate. Similarly, the treble, particularly the upper regions of it, have a little bit of emphasis, but I never found them to be harsh. Certainly not compared to my ZX700's. Mids are also very nice. The mids are very warm, but not too lazy or foggy sounding, and they aren't recessed at all. (Which, often times, when a person uses "warm" to describe mids, that is what they mean.) They also have a very large soundstage, probably the biggest I've heard in a closed headphone. Overall, they are practically the exact opposite of the V6's, and brought a number of large improvements to them.


So, anyway, as for their condition, they are a little rough. They aren't broken, or cracked, or scratched or anything of the sort, but this headphone has seen a lot of use. It's just a lot of little signs of use they have collected over the years. The pads are beginning to flake, but are otherwise in good condition. (To be honest, most of the visual wear is on the stickers, and most folks just end up taking those off anyway. I haven't, but if I did, I think they would seem a lot less used.)


This model has since been discontinued in favor of the MDR-7509HD's, which I'm told, sound totally different. I'm not sure how rare they are, but prior to getting these, I had never heard of the non-HD 7509's.


I'm selling these to fund a computer upgrade.

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EDIT: No longer looking to trade.

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EDIT: No longer looking to trade.

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Good pics up. tongue.gif

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I recently had a good amount of time to compare these to the Denon AH-D2000's, and I gotta say, I liked these more. Tonally, they are very similar, but the Sony's have much better mids. Soundstage is very similar, and bass is almost note-for-note the same, but the Sony's lack that really harsh high end that the Denon's have.


If you want a bassy headphone with a great mid range, you really can't go wrong with these! biggrin.gif

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Just wanted to confirm your impressions Kukuk. I have the v900(non-HD) and it's as you describe the 7509.  It's supposedly the same phone, only the consumer the v6 vs. the 7506....same drivers and pads. They have great highs, but not harsh, very natural sounding mids, and big powerful bass....bigger than I was used to with my mostly bass light headphones.I bought it used on ebay as a replacement for my v6 which I couldn't tolerate to listen to any more, and it's an improvement in almost all areas. I'm very happy with it as a portable, other than it looks a bit dorky to wear, since it's large like the Shures. Someone should give those 7509's a try. 

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Thanks for the input!


I think the effect of my impressions is a bit lost since I'm the one trying to sell them.tongue.gif

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EDIT: No longer looking to trade.

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pm sent

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I will now consider selling. I'd like to get $160, I'll cover shipping.

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I was able to find Sony's product page for the MDR-V900's (which is the same headphone, as mentioned above), so hopefully getting some info on these out there will drum up some interest.



  • Cord Length : 9.8 ft. (3m) extended
  • Driver Unit : 50mm diameter with oxygen-free voice coil and neodymium magnet
  • Frequency Response : 5Hz - 30kHz
  • Impedance : 24 ohms
  • Maximum Power Handling Capacity : 3,000mW
  • Plug : Gold-plated stereo UniMatch plug, self-cleaning screw-type design
  • Rated Power : 1,000mW
  • Sensitivity : 107dB/mW
  • Type : Dynamic closed-type with circum-aural design


Had no idea they were only 24 ohms, and power handling is really high. They probably respond well to better amping than my other Sony headphones.


As mentioned above, the pads on these are warn, but it's strictly cosmetic. If it bother yous, pads are still available, they're just sold as MDR-7509HD pads.

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If anyone wanted to buy both the headphones I have for sale (The 7509's and ZX700's), I'd do $175, and even throw in a Sansa Fuze. The headphone jack is broken, but I will include a line-out cable.

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Price dropped.

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Would you sell the 7509's for $100 shipped? And, do you accept PayPal?

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I can't go any cheaper. I feel their sound quality entirely justifies their price as is.

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