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Best headphones for bass

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what headphones have the most bass. I'm looking for something under $200 and something that's really hard hitting and rumbley kinda like a subwoofer but have good audio quality as well and I'm probably going to decide on the pro700mk2 unless someone has any suggestions and don't suggest anything like the m50 i have those now and need 10x more bass than that I'm a huge basshead
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I was going to suggest used Denon d2000's, but I hear the m50's have a ton of bass so not sure if those would get you there or not. Did the trick for me though, it's powerful.

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how about the ultrasone pro900? for 300 bucks though on amazon

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get the jvc s500s. they have have rediculous bass.. just look at what people say about it...



Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

First A/B.


The very new HA-S500

700 this is the all black version and not the Z gun metal one I have. VS...



V-moda M-80s. I can't argue with the build quality of the tank like M-80s and their sound is more neutral than anything else they have ever made making them a headfi favorite and I was an early adapter when these came out..


So how can a $50 portable compete with the likes of a $200 one? Read on


I have both on my burn station and I paused burn in to do my first A/B against a well established headphone just to see where we are at sound wise. How do the JVCs fare against these V-modas? well ah a better question would be..


Anybody want a pair of V-modas for sale? Lol.



HA-S500> M-80.  No contest. with more micro details to boot..It is the one area that I thought the M-80s could improve upon and the cheaper HA-S500 is better and much cleaner extended as well.



HA-S500> M-80.  Everyone knows the real aspect of the M-80 sound is their lush mids. Well they kinda failed against the HA-S500. In fact I will go as far as to say I prefer the imaging and a bit more forwardness of the HA-S500 more so than the M-80s. Not only more detailed in the mids but better imagery as well.



No contest. The HA-S500 beat the poo out of the M-80 in the sub bass arena. No contest.


Well there you have it. The very first A/B and not one I am happy with as I now have a sub par M-80 that will be collecting dust.




The sounds on the HA-S500 are much more vivid more detailed extended better and has better bass. What can I say. Oh yea I forgot the sound staging is better on the M-80s as they are a vented design but minus this. They loose.





Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

Ask and Ye shall receive.


2nd A/B. Against one of my all time portable cans the WS55.


These have a solid clean balanced sound with equally a solid bass end..So how does the $50 JVC HA-S500 compare to these $100 WS55?


Interesting. The tuning of these AT comes more closer to the sound on the HA-S500. But here is where the JVCs pull the win



HA-S500 has the upper hand on the highs. In fact I will go as far as to say these are some of the best highs I have ever heard for a headphone let alone a portable one.  While the WS555 has good extension and the highs do a great job with the details. They don't compare to the highs that are on the HA-S500. Much more cleaner sounding with crisp detail on the JVCs while not being too bright or fatiguing in any way..Dare I say almost perfect?



Mids on the WS55 sound a bit drier vs the vivid lushness of the JVCs. More detail is what I hear for the mids. Much cleaner imagery here as well. .



Here is where it gets interesting. The WS55 are called solid bass for a reason. They have solid bass impact and extends well on the bass tunes but compared to the JVCs. Not as good. The JVCs extends lower and sounds more textured than the WS55 bass end..



Winner again. The JVC HA-S500. Basically these cheaper HA-S500 are an upgrade to the sound that is on the WS55... Next.. I don't have to A/B against my Cals at all. I already know the winner of that bout. No contest. 





Originally Posted by cyloh View Post

These sound nothing like portables. Full size cans quality here.


With burn in, I fear the possibility that my Denon D2000(wood cups) will be collecting dust. No competition here for me. The S500 are a step or two above the Denon in terms of.... everything.




Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

These are definitely an upgrade to the CALs. These blow the doors off the Cals. I own the cals so I can just say it. These blow the doors off the cals.. Better cleaner, better imagery, a complete sound upgrade in every way possible.. Comfort wise. For this sound to be this good using velours. It really don't get too much more comfy for on ears. That being said the stock pads are good but they aren't velours. Comfort especially now is not an issue. Ya I know it will cost more money. If you keep tabs on this thread we will see some cheapo pads that will work just as well. There will be more trials of different pads and how they effect the sound soon.


I mentioned how stage is not great on these but this sound the way it is I don't think can be the same on an open phone.. Sure the sound is more intimate but the resolution on the drivers are so off the charts. Depth is ample on these headphones which actually makes up for the lack of stage. You have to hear them with your best recordings to understand. But these have a depth of sound many headphones lack..I love the imagery on all the JVCs and these are right up there for me. Very excellent..


The Cal sound good enough but the problem with them is. They lack dynamics kinda dull sounding to my ears. The bass end absolutely blows on the Cals. Flabby comes to mind. Can't handle the low lows not even close to these HA-S500s. Cals was good for when they came out but is easily out classed by these.


The way my pair sounds and feels now. Wait till more guys get them for the impressions.







Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post


700 $100 Noontec Zoro. I got a PM from BBlord about these. These are getting rave reviews even though they look like beats..Might be worth checking out.  Steve Guttenburg says these are more neutral and pic off more detail than the M-80. So does the HA-S500 so it seem we are seeing more advances in sound for your cash.



The tuning on the HA-S500 are superior and has much better control, clarity, imagery, dynamics over the older HA-M750. The HA-S500 are like a newer more refined version of the HA-M750. This is a fine example of the advancements for JVC. The older HA-M750 lean more toward a bassy sound yet don't have the technicalities to pull off the sound right which results in the warmed over veilish sound..The HA-S500 corrects this issue resulting in one of the best musical sounds I have heard not only not lacking in any part of the sound but excelling at it.



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M-Audio Q40 paired with the FiiO E11 will give you a sh*t load of bass

This combo should only cost $175 give or take

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X2 for s500 carbon nanotube ftw......and for iem the sony xb90ex tongue.gif
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