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will an LOD cable work with MOG/Spotify on an iphone?

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First i apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere....tried to find an answer by searching but no luck.

Second, been lurking here for a few years and LOVE this community. You guys have been immensely helpful to my ignorant brain. I bought a pair of Grado 60i's thanks to this forum. (love 'em!) I've been using ATH ES7s for years also. (those i use when my wife watches tv cause they block out sound nicely...the Grado's are perfect late at night when she's out cold and quiet!)

Anyway i just, i mean JUST, got a pair of Ultrasone 680s. They are burning in as i write. (also with help from folks here...was looking for a pair of closed backs that might replicate the kind of soundstage i get with opens, but would block noise.)

I am thinking of purchasing a FiiO E11 amp for the Ultrasones. so here's my quandry.

Do i buy the FiiO LOD cable as well? My problem is this: i listen to all my music on my iphone, but not from the ipod/music function on the phone, but rather through streaming/sub sites like MOG and Spotify. (also Audiogalaxy, through which i stream my itunes library.) Obviously i'm no audiophile so i'm not sure the right move to make here...most importantly, i don't know if it will WORK. When using the dock connector for anything else, you cannot get the iphone to play music from MOG or anything *other* than the ipod/music function. if you have no music files on your phone and try to dock the phone, you can't play any music through any other app.

SO....a. is there enough of a diff between the mini plug and the LOD when using the amp, sound quality wise, with an iphone...and b. will it even work with MOG etc?

Thanks guys, sorry for my cluelessness!
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Hi Mitchgo,


At first I was confused by your question. An iPhone doesn't distinguish where it gets it's audio. It can be your ringtone, streaming through Pandora or Spotify, or being played through Angry Birds. If you get a LOD cable that works for your iPhone, any sound it produces will go through it. 


The short answer is: yes the LOD cable will work with Spotify/MOG.

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Thanks. Reason I ask...my Alpine car stereo iPod dock will not play MOG in my van. If MOG is playing and you dock the iPhone, the alpine tries to read the ipod/music function on the phone. It will not recognize MOG or any third party app. It just looks for iPod files locally on the phone.

I have no idea if a similar limitation exists for the LOD cable, but it sounds like it will output whatever audio is playing, even in third party apps...
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Do not fear, my friend.

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