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Best IEMS for hiphop?

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hey everyone,


I plan on getting my first set of mid-range IEM. My first set of decent headphones were Grado SR60s(which I bought used off these forums about 3 years). They were decent but eventually broke. I then purchased some AudioTechnica M-50(coiled) and still use them to this day but I enjoy playing my music at high levels so I can't really use these at work due to sound leakage.


My first pair of IEMs were Numark-NE7. I was blown away by the sound quality of them(due to them being my first IEM) but due to poor build quality they broke down after 4 months. Bought another pair and those broke after 3 months(admittedly I'm not the best with headphone care). After that I came back here and did some research and purchased a set of Brainwavz M2. Not only did these offer much better sound quality but I was very impressed with the build quality. They have lasted a good 2 years(after many drops) but are starting to give out(its ok they were only $60). About a year ago I purchased some refurb Monster Turbines. Build quality isn't as good however due to the increased bass they are more ‘fun’ to listen to then the M2s. M2s however offer better clarity and are better for other types of music.



Im looking to add a couple of IEMs to my collection that would sound best with the type of music I listen to(80% Hiphop, 20% everything else). One low-range and one mid-range. After reading a couple of threads here I purchased some Beyerdynamic XP1. It’s a new IEM and is considered a ‘bass’ centric headphone. They should arrive soon.









I’m now looking at mid-range. So far I have read about VSonic GR07(and supposedly a bass edition coming soon), Brainwavz B2, Fisher Audio DBA-02, and a few others.This will be going thru most likely a Dell laptop(work), 2012 Macbook Air and IPhone 5(once it’s released). My music is a collection of mostly 256k-320kb Mp3s as well as Apple Lossless. I don’t have any amplfiers but if anyone had any recommendations for that it would be good as well(something under $200).


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The GR07s will be a great choice for your midrange IEMs. You should also consider the Final Audio Heaven IVs and the TDK BA200s if you can find them for around $200.

I'm not sure if you'll like the DBA-02 MKII or the B2s, as both are known for their light bass, and because you're coming from the Turbines & the M2s, they'll probably sound quite weird to you.

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Well I don't how much you need bass because the DBA-02/B2 are bass light so for hip hop they want have much bass.  The Rockit Sounds R-50 use the same TWFK driver as they do and it has a bit more bass impact so you might want to check them out.


I think the Atrio MG7 would be great, they have some of the best bass out of any IEM under $150 and the best sub-bass I've heard from an IEM.  The cost $109 shipped from with discount code CostProg50%.


Also the EPH-100 is another that might work, they are very balanced with good detail and good bass.

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Yes I do love the look of the GR07, the added ear clips are a bonus as well. Basically looking for something that offers the bass(or more bass) then the Turbines but the clarity of the M2s. Although since I bought the Beyer's I'm not sure if I should get another bass-centric IEM?

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The MG7 has more bass and better bass than the Turbine but I haven't heard the M2 so I can't say if the mids and highs are as good or better.  The MG7 is very balanced in the mids and highs with a monitor like quality, they have good detail but you need to listen to them at a little higher volume than a lot of IEM but its more fun because you really feel and not just hear the sub-bass.

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The Atrio's bass kicks the Turbines ass in clarity, quantity, depth, and texture. They are also a cleaner sounding IEM all around, as I find the Turbines to be a bit muddy. The only downside with the MG7 is it's soundstage is pretty closed. Other than that, it beats the Turbines in every way. 

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Originally Posted by drkillpatient20 View Post

Yes I do love the look of the GR07, the added ear clips are a bonus as well. Basically looking for something that offers the bass(or more bass) then the Turbines but the clarity of the M2s. Although since I bought the Beyer's I'm not sure if I should get another bass-centric IEM?


I have the M2s. While a great value for their price, I wouldn't describe them as high on clarity. In fact, they seem to have a bit of bass bleed that interferes with the mid-range some. You are stepping up quite a bit here in class. Stick to the well-regarded IEMs here on head-fi, and you'll be fine on getting better clarity smile.gif

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Hey there!  I hope I can be of some assistance.  I have a fair amount of experience with mid-range (price-wise) IEMs.  Especially in the $100 -$150 range.  Unfortunately most of that experience has been with dynamic drivers.  I say unfortunately simply because I would love to have more listening time with some balanced armatures.  The reason I keep buying dynamics is because I tend to lean towards sound signatures that can provide more bass "body" and "impact".  I will at some point experiment with some balanced armatures in the near future.  I can, however, say with confidence that I am extremely experienced with (as much as anyone you'll probably ever come across) hip-hop!  Like you, almost all of my music collection is either lossless, or encoded in 256-320 kbps mp3s, and I listen to almost all of it through either an un-amped (although I am considering a portable amp) Iphone 4 (and 5 beginning in the 3rd week of September ;-P), or through a Rane TTM-56 mixer attached to my Tech 12 turntables, which are connected to my 2011 MacBook Pro.  When I plug my phones directly into my Mac, I run the fantastic program, BitPerfect, to maximise the sound quality.  As far as IEM experience with hip-hop, I have owned the:


Shure E3c, Klipsch S4i, Velodyne Vpulse, Future Sonics Atrio (latest w/MG7 driver), Monster Turbine Pearl, A-Jays Four, Shure SE 215, Monster iSport, and most recently, the Audio Technica ATH-CKS77.  


I like the Velodynes, especially for the price and for the fact that they have an in-line mic with full (play/pause/track forward/back, and iphone VOLUME control), and because they seem very well built.

I'm still testing out the Monster iSports, which have also have the same MIC/Control functions as the Velodynes, can be found very easily for around $99, and are completely WATERPROOF.  I have never found Monster IEMs to have the best build quality, but so far, these seem more durable.  They feel almost as solid as the Velodynes.

Sound signature wise, I have found those two IEM's to be fairly similar and "V-shaped".  I'm actually pretty impressed with the sound quality of the Monster iSports.  More so than I expected!  

As far as the Future Sonics Atrio MG7s, they are fantastic for many genres of music, particularly any music with horns or brass instruments, and for electronic music.  Their 2 "flaws", in my opinion, are their very narrow soundstage, and their slight lack of mid-bass when not EQed.  Their sub-bass is excellent, and I find them to be very refined and non-fatiguing.  


I like the Shure 215s for their fit, comfort, mid-bass, and user-removable/replaceable cables.  Other than that, they don't seem to really do it for me sound-wise, as they kinda roll off on both the high and low ends of the frequency spectrum.  


Which brings me to my actual recommendation (of IEM's I've heard for hip-hop).  I LOVE my Audio Technica CKS77s!!  They seem well built, and after a few days of fiddling with different eartips and insertion methods, I have found their fit and seal in my ears to be excellent.  Mind you, I wear almost all IEMs cord-up and over the ear to help eliminate microphonics (cable-noise), and to help keep the IEMs in place.  Now, obviously, I am most concerned with sound quality, and this is where the CKS77s really shine.  First of all, their overall bass (quality and quantity) is the best I've heard on an IEM with regards to hip-hop.  They have almost the sub-bass of the Atrios, but have full mid-bass as well.  Their midrange frequency, while not foremost in the sound sig, is also great.  I find vocals to be very well represented.  But their killer feature is that they have this sound quality WHILE ALSO HAVING A FAIRLY WIDE AND OPEN SOUNDSTAGE!  These IEMs are easily my favorite for hip-hop of all I have ever tried, and they are well within your price range.  The only reason I haven't been using them on the go for the past few weeks is that I am currently completely non-weight bearing on my left leg because of extensive surgery recently performed on my ankle, and I am on crutches full-time.  As a result, I have been using the iSports due to the fact that I can easily answer phone calls and control my music without fumbling for my phone, and because of the fact that they are waterproof and on crutches, I sweat like a mutherfunker!!  Otherwise, I would recommend the Audio Techicas over every other IEM I've ever listened to for hip hop.  I hope this has been helpful!!



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I can recommend the Fiio E17 as an amp/dac combo. It's price is $140 (+$10 with a LOD cable), it is a great amp, and the many features (such as hardware EQ) are very useful. If all you want is an amp, the E11 (or the upcoming E12) are viable alternatives.

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I was waiting for a CKS77 person to show up ;), they are a decent IEM but the MG7 while it doesn't have a large soundstage its not tiny either.  They have decent width and a little less depth and with an amp (use the E11) the soundstage gets bigger and much more cohesive sounding.  The lack of a mid-bass hump is what makes them so good imo, they have enough punch and the sub-bass is powerful, clean and very detailed.

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thank you guys for your help. im leaning toward the atrios or the audiotechnica now. when i get home tonight i will do some reading on both. can the fiio e17 replace the iphone dac?

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Originally Posted by drkillpatient20 View Post

thank you guys for your help. im leaning toward the atrios or the audiotechnica now. when i get home tonight i will do some reading on both. can the fiio e17 replace the iphone dac?

unfortunately, no. it'll only act as an amp when connected to iphone

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If you have an amp the MG7 will be perfect and the soundstage isn't as small as some may lead you to believe.  The reviews from ClieOS and Joker say the soundstage is average with better width than depth and that's how I hear them also.  That's just my 2 cents so good luck on your search.

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thanks guys. im probably going to roll with  the atrios+e17 combo then get the cks77 at a later time

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well i got my atrios in today and they are freaking AMAZING. tons of bass and clarity. i had puchased some turbine gold pros and they blow these things out the water.

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