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Originally Posted by blooboy View Post

I've seen those, but I'm looking for headphones with a detachable cable... I LOVE detachable cables smily_headphones1.gif btw keep up the good work with the channel wink.gif


Thank you for the kind words.  Take a look at the X10 if you want detachable cable.  The X10 also improves on the X05 with a bigger sound.  The X10 is also the 920 outside the U.S. BTW.

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Right now I'm selecting my "most fun" over the ear cans. My studios are the he-400's, but even whilst having a custom iphone mic/remote cable, I can't get past the comments and stares due to their size. Plus, I seem to have some troubles with any cable (including stock) giving me reliability issues.
I like good bass, but I want clear mids, a bit of sparkle, lots of clarity, and great instrument separation. I'm juggling between the ue6000's, mdr10r, Skullcandy MixMasters, and AJG267's. Overall, I'd say the akg (with mic/remote cable created for it) are the winners. However, the ue600's get nearly equal playtime due to their awesome sub-bass. I always get complimented on my headphones when I wear the AKG's.
Then I saw these on the shelf. I thought this whole "N" line was something of a Monster value line, while they'd continue to pop out new Beat cans. I have always rooted for Monster and wished Beats would just go away so they could go back to focusing just on music reproduction. Turbines were my first set of headphones over $30 and I was blown away. I read a review that these were pretty good, so I took the plunge. SOOO glad I did. It is all that I was hoping for.
I'll be Brief: N-Pulse has that cool Monster bass punch. They're comfy and the fit is impeccably snug in a cozy sort of way; like custom-fitted for your head. The MixMasters fit the head well in much the same way, but the Mix Master earpads are not near as comfortable.
Sound is lively, favoring warm. It's most like the mixmaster cans, but soundstage is fuller, better bass (the Monster sound), and better control of the highs, IMO.
To note, the cable is a deviation from the traditional "controltalk" with a single round button. It works great, but unfortunately, no improvement for call quality for those on the other end (just like pretty much all the others headphones with mic). So, if you're supposed to be at work, but you're really in wal-mart, don't use these to make a call. Feel free to write with ?'s, but I recommend giving Monster another go 'round with these sexy cans! If you're considering anything Skullcandy, then I would go to these instead! I prefer tham slightly over the V-Moda M100's. They have a more smooth bass and well rounded sound, IMO.
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I had a chance to plug my Walkman into a NTune display a couple of weeks ago and decided to buy them on the spot.  I bought the white ones also.  These aren't fine detailed headphones, so I would really recommend these for picky listening, but they are an incredibly fun and engaging headphone.  They reproduce bass very well.  They can be extremely thunderous or they can tone down, depending on the song.  Mids are able to hold strong even through some thundering bass lines.  Highs are decent...probably the weakest part of the spectrum.  I wish they folded up, but you can't have everything.


If you're looking for a fun, lively set of cans that will get your head moving to the beat, give these a try.

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