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For Sale or Trade: Beyerdynamic T1 practically new

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€1 (EURO)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale or Trade:
Beyerdynamic T1 practically new

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale T1, less then 50 hours usage.


Near the end of my headphone hobby, I got these about a year ago. They must be still under warranty, probably 2 years.


I used the pair for a couple of very nice hours, but won't use these open headphones much anymore. I'd sell but would also be potentially interested in a Grado R1 with some cash of a higher Grado.



I didn't check prices or made solo photos yet, but it's new, box and everything completely mint. Photo's of details can be made extra for a serious buyer.


I don't care where I have to ship to as long as shipping costs are yours or part of our deal. Payment via PayPal or whatever you prefer, we'll figure it out.


FAQ's bout the T1 and other's in the photo's:


- Yes I only have this T1 for sell / trade

- Trades ONLY for a deal involving RS1(i) (maybe RS2) or higher (and yes I'm fully aware and experienced with the sound of all Grado's: I know what I ask for with a RS1)

- The Hifiman HE500  was gone first from those 3 magnificent boxes, LCD2 is the last to stay from all of these

- T1 is an extremely detailed pair of phones (comes close to HD800, but HD800 is more detailed, offcourse, though I PREFER T1 over HD800 because of the incredible dynamics T1 has, midtones and unbelievably clean bass, I say clean, not hard). HD800 is just TOO light on sound for me, I mean music does have to have a littble bit more present low, athough I'm a mid-tones junkie, T1 is more realistic in this category IMHO. But, I am definetely not anti-HD800 though, I think it's one of the most beautiful (affordable) headphones Senn has made both in sound as comfort as looks, I just prefer T1.

- T1 is an audiophile pair of phones, with a high-end coming to neutral-ish sound, it's compared to HD800 a lot. Both do favor good DACs and juice (power). Both are very comfortable, light weight. HD800 is a bit more comfortable, but comfort factor is absolutely not an issue with both of these: it's just suburb.


Reason for sell:

I don't really use headphones anymore, more into speakers these days. T1 has been lying here in the box for months doing nothing. Eventually I'll sell everything except for my LCD2 rev.1 and HF-2 which will stay in his box for centuries probably, and maybe a wooden of highend Grado.


Questions, feel free to ask. If you like to buy the T1, just bid, I'm not aware what a fair price will be at the moment on head-fi, will ask some old friends. I bought it for about 875 euros I have a digital receipt/warrantee.


Buy/trade safely with me, see my profile etc. Long time trusted and proud-to-be-Head-Fier. Treat me fairly and nicely and you'll get the same.

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I have like new LCD 2's rev 2, got other items which are all practically new, I buy a lot all the time, no time to use it all, just trying and comparing, but really using properly, get in touch if interested in exchanges, I'm in London
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Hi, I could be interested in exchanges involving Grado RS 1 or higher, I already have (and will keep) LCD2 rev1 (which I compared to rev.2 and kept the 1) :)

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No probs,i had the Grados a while back,id go for the 1000's if u can.ta
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