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$100, DAC/amp or new Headphones?

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I'm hoping this question is enough of a deviation from the "which amp is best for $100" threads to warrent a response. The deal is, I have $100 only to improve my audio setup and I want to make sure I get the most out of it.

I currently listen to music mostly at work via a Sansa Clip + and at home on my laptop. After much research I ended up buying a set of Yamaha RH-5Ma cans and I have been pretty happy with them, but they are the only "nice" headphones I've ever owned, so I don't know what I am missing!


OK, the question! Should I invest in a different set of $100 cans, maybe Grados?




Would my $100 best be spend on something like the E7 or E17 (if I can find another $20).. This would be used via my laptop obviously and maybe via an Android device if they ever get that sorted out. I might just haul my laptop to work if it was worth it.


So.. you have $100 a Sansa Clip +, a laptop and a pair of OK? headphones.. What would you buy??


Thanks guys!

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Have you looked at this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/596482/the-sub-100-portable-amps-shootout-8-1-amps-compared ?


I myself would save up a bit more before upgrading. The Clip+ is already a very competent device.

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Oh yeah, I've read that thread at length.


So laptop ---> E17 ---> headphones wouldn't be a noticable improvement over Clip+ --> headphones? Or maybe not with the headphones I currently have?


I might look at used gear also if it will make my $$ stretch further.  Or wait and save.. geesh, that is no fun.  If I did that, would I be best upgrading headphones first or source?

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If you want immediately noticeable difference, your best bet is a pair of full-sized can at around $100. (The sr80 comes to mind)

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Thank you. Yeah, I did end up upgrading my headphones. It seems that is the way to go until you get to the upper level of headphones (or high impedance).

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