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Help me chose my cans

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At them moment I'm using HD650. I find them bright sounding and I don't like that. I'm using EQ to tame them down (1 khz till 14 khz is - 3db). It's paired with a cheap chinese DAC and little dot MK V.

Moving on ... : I sold my Little dot amp and cheap dac and bought an Xonar essence one. The new dac is very detailed, which is good, but coupled with my cans which sound bright, makes the sound very aggressive at mid-high volumes. It sounds even brighter now and if I slide down the middle frequencies even further it just doesn't sound natural.

I swapped some op-amps which asus recommended if you want more bottom end but with less detail. It just sounds the same, no change.


Clearly I don't like bright sound, the solution is to change my headphones. I'm gonna sell my headphones, gonna add a little bit of extra cash to that budget. So the price for the new headphones must be a little less than the price I paid for my HD650 when they were new.


I'm looking for something to have more bass than the 650 and it absolutely needs to not sound bright ,maybe something neutral on the middle - top end or a little laid back. Comfort is important also, so only over-ear headphones.


In a nut shell : Which headphones have good bass (not boomy)  -  doesn't sound bright  -  and are comfortable ?

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My suggestion:




Do check out the reviews.



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If you're really not enjoying brightness and want good bass then perhaps some orthos are what you're looking for?


I have the LCD-2, but don't them as comfortable as my other circumaural headphones (GS1000i, T5p, Q701), so they may not be exactly what you're looking for. Perhaps someone who has tried some of the HiFiMan orthos can recommend something from within their range to you?


(heh, poster above me posted while I was typing this, the 400's were the headphones I mostly had in mind)

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