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Done a lot of reading in this section of headfi and realize this may not exist...


My ipod classic is skipping songs every 15 seconds. No idea what to try besides restoring it, etc. (If anyone has an idea of a solution, willing to try!)


But I'm not loving being linked to the Apple system, though I have been for eight years. I'm willing to slowly re-rip all my cds into FLAC, etc. I have only a handful of proprietary itunes albums.


I want the benefit of a great DAC/AMP to go with my Westone 4. (Well, right now I have a Westone 2, but as soon as it sales, I'll get a W4 again. Or maybe a Heir 4.A1.)


Is there a portable player with a good interface, but even with a crappy sound quality (though I'm fine with good), that has a line out that bypasses the internal DAC so I can pair it with a nice DAC/AMP.