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Did I get a good deal?

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I just bought some stuff from savation army and was wondering how good of a deal I got. 1 harman/kardon FL-8450 cd player, 1 Kenwood KR-V6080, 2 Sharp CP-C4900 regular speakers, and 1 Phillips subwoffer, all for about 40 dollars. Just wondering if I got ripped or if I found diamonds in a garbage can. Thanks!

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You definitely got ripped off.

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How much should have I payed?

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I was joking.


You just got a complete 2.1 system for $8 per component ... are you really worried about being ripped off?


The most important thing is ... have you hooked it all up and how does it sound?

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O ok lol, I have hooked it up and it sounds pretty good the mids are ressesed, and I can't get the sub and speakers to play at the same time for some reason, probably just have it hooked up wrong. I'm kind of a noob when it comes to hooking up this stuff.
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