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There was no instrument section. So I was wondering does anyone play the synthesizer here? If so whats a good starter one for around $400?

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I do biggrin.gif I use my ipad with a m audio keystudio36 with the Korg iMS20, Animoog, and lots of others on it and it's a great alternative to buying one analog synth (however being a touch screen there is little tactile) I was looking at the Arturia minibrute for a while, and it seemed awesome, but bought headphones instead tongue.gif
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Ill make sure to try that app. It works well? I can do that to see if I like it.
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It's like $20 but it is just about a full featured Korg MS20
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The Korg apps are fantastic. iElectribe is a good one too. The full featured Korg stuff released on the DS was absolutely stunning as well.


If you have a Midi controller I'd highly recommend giving Omnisphere a shot. Far and away my favorite VST synth.

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Are there any free apps that are good?

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I believe ARGON is free but it's an iPhone app, but it has some pretty good features on it as well like a 16 step sequencer and 3 oscilators
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