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Hi Guys, I'm a newbie. I have been using some old earphones and I am now in the market for new ones.

I have used old vmoda's and skullcandy before as well.

Can you guys recommend an in ear for me?

I listen to EDM 90% of the time. Kaskade, Avicii, SHM and the likes. Also listen to some Alternative bands. Then the remaning ones are Piano (yiruma), violins, and some guitars.

Budget is around $200 or less.

Thanks Guys.

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I searched and saw these:

Bowers & Wilkins C5
Harman / Kardon AE

I've read about the B&W, but I haven't seen any reviews of the HK...

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I will help you because you listen to Kaskade. wink.gif

IEM's I enjoy for EDM are: Vsonic GR07, Yamaha EPH-100, UE Triple-fi 10, Sony MDR EX600, Klipsch X10. Any of those wil suit your genre's well and are great performers. With the little information you gave us it's hard to narrow down those suggestions. Have a look in this thread reading up on the ones I mentioned or any others that interest you in your price range.

Don't be scared off by the size of this thread. Check the ones I mentioned first deciding if you like their signature.

PS Triple-fi 10 won't be in that thread, you will need to research it else where for the time being. rolleyes.gif
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I like you mainly listen to EDM and the TF10 would fit the bill perfectly and under $200 I can't think of any that are better for that.  I also love the Rockit Sounds R-50 but they might be a little light on bass for you but both the R-50 and TF10 are great under $200 IEM's.

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Hey thanks for the reply.


The link you gave me really helped. I'm pretty excited with all these reviews to read. :)

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I got the Bowers & Wilkins C5 and Harman Kardon AE from the Apple store, and the Vsonic GR07 from Amazon.


B&W and H/K are now burning in for around 50 hours. I will be returning the H/K since it's way too much bass. 


This is my first quality IEMs, so I don't have any much knowledge in sound quality yet. I'm not really into technical stuff, I just listen and if I like what I hear then I'll go for it. 


So far, I am liking the B&W, they sound pretty good to me. I am actually hearing stuff I haven't heard before in my tracklist. The Bass on this was a bit boomy at first, but it got better after a few hours. I tried on the Comply tips and I didn't like it, sealing this too much makes the bass stronger or whatever the term for that. So I pretty much stick to the default tips.


I am still waiting for the GR07 from Amazon, will burn them in when it comes and narrow it down between the B&W or the GR07. I have at least a week left on the B&W and a whole month for the GR07.

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Btw, I also checked the TF10, but they just look to big and they stick out of your ears way out. So I decided not to get it. :)

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Ordered myself a Fiio E6 as well. Hope they do make a difference on these IEMs.

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