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buying GR04 from lendmeurears

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Hi All,


I am totally new here, please forgive me if I don't know what I am doing.


After reading a bunch of reviews on this forum, I decided to buy vsonic GR04 from lendmeurears.com. On Monday I went through the regular ordering steps, I used credit card. When all is finished, I received an email from paypal saying I had paid $65 SGD, but there was no order confirmation email from lendmeurears.com, and GR04 was still in my shopping cart! I sent them an enquiry, I have got no answer from them, there is no phone number I can call.


Today, I found the money has been charged to my credit card, they also charged me for the currency exchange.


Does anybody have any experience with them? Will I just receive the GR04 later without any notice? Or should I call my credit card to dispute the charge?


Thank you!

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Lendmeurears is a reputable seller and if there is an issue they will resolve it but probably it's a bug with the site or they are just slow to respond. I've always received a quick update about my purchases from them but I guess they're busy the last few weeks as I also ordered a Gr04 (from their ebay store though) on 16th and I got their email with the tracking number on 19th. But don't worry, you'll receive your order. And they'll send you a tracking number when the iems are dispatched

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I would offer caution in purchasing items from lendmeurears.com


My experiences are posted: http://www.head-fi.org/t/632439/lendmeurears-com-buyer-beware

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I know I'm late on this reply, but it may help others.  I ordered a pair from him just recently.  When I did so, my Paypal credit card was expired so I ended up paying by eCheck accidently.  Since I know merchants don't like eChecks and I didn't want to wait for it to clear, I sent him an email asking if he wanted to cancel and have me repurchase.  He was a little slow responding, but we decided to just wait and let the check clear and then send the merchandise.  The payment method added a week to the transaction, but that was my fault and he shipped promptly after receiving the funds from Paypal.


I've only dealt with him once, but he seemed reputable and I'd buy from him again.  The GR04 Flagships are awesome, btw, so hopefully I didn't get fromt the last batch and others can still get a set.




Volumus:  Keep us posted, he seemed pretty good presale.  I haven't dealt with him post sale.  I did notice he's slow returning emails, so hopefully he'll get back to you.

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