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WA22 - balanced or not - a never ending story..... 


Here is what Jack Wu had to say about it:



The WA22 is a fully balanced amp, see diagram below.





The question here is that this amp is not fully balanced because the "amp with a single ended output stage directly connected to the XLR connectors.” It is not true. In an Output Transformer coupled design, the primary and secondary coils are isolated. Output stage and input stage are not connected and thus no cross-talk whatsoever can happen.


On the ¼” output, both channels have independent paths, see the black and red wires.  If this wiring scheme applies to a Output Transformer Less design, the circuit will become single-ended. See the second diagram in #17, the v- would have to be a common wire to other channel.  One must be carefull not to take reference from the wrong context to avoid all the misunderstanding.


Also, no phase splitter is needed because the source is XLR (balanced). As for the RCA input, only ½ of the input is used and the efficiency is roughly dropped 50%. In other words, the RCA input will not take advantage of this design. You must use a balanced source to get the best out of the WA22.


Hope that clarifies.





Source:    http://www.head-fi.org/t/456258/wa22-internal-pictures/30#post_7258747

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I've heard the T1 with the BA. It's pretty damn amazing and I preferred it to my HD800 out of the BA. 

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I had WA22 for 3 years maybe, maxed out on its tubes, and went further with Modwright Mod even. I did hear KingStyle's BA set-up too with my reference headphone. I would pick BA if I only got this two choices, I would pick Cavalli Liquid Fire if you give more to chose from. Problem with WA22, not transparent, lack engagement with T-1,  I don't feel the music with T1, crazy enough I turned my WA22 to 3:00 o'clock position with T-1 just try to get feel of it. WA22 great with HD-650 and LCD-2, and don't do with with Grado for me unless the amp is max out from in side out. For BA, it sound more like soild state amp with little tube 3D magic, it has most good quality of SS amp. it is almost on the other side compare to WA22 as far as tube amp go, BA is transparent that is for sure. My ears dont care for BA, but YMMV. By the way I have nothing to do with Cavalli Audio, I don't know who make them either. LF sound more engaging more than WA22 and BA, but little thick.


Anyway, I just gave up dynamic set-up all together biggrin.gif, see if I can get a good shot at Stax.

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My 4 pin connector got stuck too and I am struggling to fix it without damaging anything. How did you get yours unstuck? Thanks,

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