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For Sale: Miu Audio MRB

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Miu Audio MRB

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is my Miu Audio MRB.

This is a completed DIY kit. I got this as a free review sample from Miu. Original price is $112.
For more information on the unit please refer to my review, and Miu's site.

There is a tiny scratch on the front plate, but that is all. It should be visible in the pictures, but when you hold it in your hands it's barely noticeable.
The unit is hardly used at all, and the only reason why I'm selling it is because it has no purpose for me. I could keep either my Mini3 or this MRB, but since my Mini3 is in a horrible cosmetic state, I prefer passing on the MRB.

I prefer selling it to someone who will write a decent review about the unit. That way I'll feel less guilty about selling off a review sample.
The reason why I sell it so far below MSRP is also because I want to pass it on to someone else much more than to make a profit on it.
The price is negotiable, and I'd be willing to let it go for even cheaper to experienced reviewers of whom I'm sure will write a thoughtful review to support the community.

With the unit I'll ship a 3.5mm to 5.5mm DC adapter cable. I can also ship a suitable charger with it for no extra charge, but that would increase the shipping costs by a couple euros. It does operate on 100-250V.
Battery will be an extra $5

I ship wherever you want me to, and I do so fast. Shipping will be done via TNT.
Shipping costs are €2.85 uninsured. Europe is €2.55, Netherlands is €1.50.

Paypal costs are up to the buyer.

Feel free to ask any questions.
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Edit: Just discovered the 'bump listing' function. I'll use that from now on.
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I made a mistake in the shipping costs. I forgot it can be sent as a letter, which makes the shipping a lot cheaper.
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Sent PM


I was looking to start a blog where I could review and discuss audio product and this is the perfect first item. I didn't want to review a Fiio product or anything that has been done over and over.  This is a little known product and company perfect first review.

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I'm closing the listing since I've got 5 people interested, and the PM's are making me crazy.
Not sold yet, but I'm awaiting payment, so there's no reason to assume that I won't sell it.
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