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Have you had a chance to hear the LAu sourced directly from the Lumin?

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I got back from Tokyo late last night, and on the flight I was contemplating what I should do to get my system sounding better. Since I had to go out and buy a NAS for the Lumin Music Player, I went ahead and bought some Nordost Sort Kones for the Hex since friends have been telling me great things about them and how to utilize them properly. 


The secret with these cones is to mix and match.....so for me I bought 1 TC cone and 2 x BC cones. I have the TC at the front and the BC at the rear forming a equilateral triangle. 



Having previously tried the Shun Mook Resonators under the HEX and didn't find it worthwhile sonically, my thoughts were that the HEX was too light, since with the Shun Mook, the Cavalli LAu sounded great.


I was expecting a difference be it good or bad, hopefully good for a $600+ tweek. 


Well the short answer is using the cones, the HEX sounds spectacular. Soundstage has increased significantly in all three axis, there is an abundance of air surrounding the individual instruments. Immediacy is much improved giving a better sense of realism and overall the HEX sounds faster.............Bass is tighter with more weight and directional cues. Vocals are much cleaner with a better portrayal of nuances and subtleties.


For me, definitely a worthwhile upgrade, and I will probably buy another set for the Cavalli LAu or under the Lumin Music Player.   


I would add that the only Headphone that impressed me at the Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival was the Stax 009.......with the cones in place, I have managed to bring to my system some most of the transparent and ethereal highs of the 009!

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I'd be curious to cut one of these $600.00 cones open and see what sort of "magical" stuff is inside.

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So some cones on a DAC that make a HD800 (or whatever headphones you're using) sounds like a 009...come on!
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Well, you do have to have the thousand hour "burn-in" of the cones before you get to the 009 level.

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Originally Posted by FrankCooter View Post

I'd be curious to cut one of these $600.00 cones open and see what sort of "magical" stuff is inside.

Forget cones, Sankara stones is the only money worth audio tweak


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Can we please keep discussion related to the Hex only?  This thread has been very good about that until recently.

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Especially after Failed Engineers last post this should probably have it's own thread but...

There is a teaser page for the Metrum Aurix amp on their website. Looks like it's had an outing to the x-fi show, did anyone get a listen or have more details?


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Any other owners notice the clicks during the music play? I've found it very occasional and can't say it bothers me. Other than that Hex is wonderful.

Using berkeley usb and v200 now.

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I haven't noticed any clicks.

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Have you tried different USB ports, they are not all created equal from the computer side and will cause clicking/popping if you get a less than good one.

Some have reduced bandwidth or shared with something like the bluetooth, Some will also have non-spec voltage to reduce the drain on a lappy. 

On the mac you can look up the USB on your machine through system profile/USB. On the MS/Linux side I'm not sure where to find this info...but you can just try different ports with a good critical ear and see which is best. 

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I've heard it on macpro + hiface2 and PC + Berkeley USB. However clicks are only occurred during direct sound output. Switching to wasapi or asio fixed that for me. Seems that click/scratch noises are due to the high bass line during playthrough.
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In the experience of you, how long has the complete Hex "burn in"? Mine has almost 200 hours. Still can improve?
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At 250-300 hours it has a big change and gets over a large hump. Much less brash and more delicacy comes in.

Over the next 750 hours little wrinkles get ironed out and more of the same comes on but at a much much slower pace.

It's a bear

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Hi guys


Can anyone be so kind as to sending me the usb driver file for the HEX as I have lost the CD that came with the unit. It would be much appreciated.


Many thanks.

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