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Not sure if its the right section sorry in advance if not smily_headphones1.gif

Hi all,
All this adventure started with buying headphone for my
iPhone and Will finally cost me an arm and a leg.
My girlfriend dont like that i burn So much money
For my sole person.... So my portable/desktop hybrid rig
Need to fulfill a new task ---> being enjoyable by the whole
Family while retaining its headphone capabilities.

So far What i bought;
5.5 upgraded iPod
Senns hd-598
B&W p5
Xm5 practical devices is on the way ( Still can change that)
332 la figaro classic ( in the process of buying)(also have my eyes on a nice little dot mk6)

I need to turn this into a media center
(PS3, movies, high quality music corner)

Everything video has been bought.

I need a setup that Will stay for some Time

I plan to buy
- Cambridge audio 640h azur server/cd player
-high efficiency speakers
- amp... Solid or tube
- audeze or k1000

My questions are;

1. Is the dac in the source is good enough or should i Check for a new unit?(or maybe a portable amp/dac can do the job.... Like the xm6!!

2. Can that source can be plugged fully balanced?? So i can buy the ldmk6 instead wink.gif

3. Can i use these headphone amps as preamp?

4.for the amp solid or tube? Heres à couple options i got
Jolida fx10 new
Jolida jd1502 hybrid used
Grant fidelity a-88
Harman kardon vintage 430 ss (got this already, need service)

5. If my source, preamp and phones are balanced do i need a balanced amp? Or dual mono maybe

6. Did i miss something??

Thats a lot of info sorry but im fairly new in this hobby and dont have
Unlimited funds to try and swap

Many thanks

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