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Over-ear headphones // $150 budget // Recommendations & Suggestions?

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Hi there, whoever can help me out and all others!


As of recent, I've been looking around for some over-ear headphones that provide a comfortable and clear listening experience.

I believe this is basically what everyone looks for, but I will first mention that I listen to metal [periphery, asking alexandria, killswitch engage, etc], and I often listen to music at school/on-the-go/at home.


I am looking at these headphones, as they have a metal casing, are in my price range, and seem to be what I'm looking into.

However, a second opinion is always nice.




Thank you :)

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Check out Ultrasone HFI 580 / 780 - but do check for comfort on these...




Phillips Uptown



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Good find with the M50's, I'm going to be getting them!

Thanks a ton :D

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All the best :) 



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Brainwavz HM5

Ultrasone HFI 580

Shure SRH750 DJ


Very best,

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Hopefully you haven't bought the WS70's yet. The sound is good, if a little lacking on the bass response. However, these would have to be the most uncomfortable headphones I have in my collection. I couldn't wear these for more than about 30-40 minutes without getting pain around my ears. I wear glasses though, and so if you don't then you might find them pretty comfortable.


Try before you buy, if you can.

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For your genre's and uses I would suggest the Phillips uptown + a cheap portable amp if you can find one. The uptowns when I had them were great headphones and had a great sound to them but lacked what I was looking for in bass, to me, they were more "hear it" than "feel it" bass tones and didn't work out for me but they really did have an amazing soundstage as well as a great mid/high range. They are a little bit hard to drive from low-power sources though so thats why I suggest the amp (my laptop which has a very bad basic sound card couldn't drive them very well neither could my HTC phone but once again its a low-power source). So give them an eye and if you can head to a best buy where you can audition them if their on display.

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