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Death of a friend

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I know this doesn't really belong in DIY, but this is where I mostly hang out. I don't really have anybody else I want to tell.



Tonight our beautiful grey and white cat Indigo Spatz, the Indysaurus, brought himself home for the last time, missing half of a hind leg and with the other hind leg damaged. On the advice of the vet we had him put down.We think he was hit by a train or a car. He was just over a year old.


We've had seven other cats at this house, all died of old age, we thought it was safe to let them out the back of this long terrace, despite the train line, but Indy was an adventurer and may have crossed the gardens on the other side of the tracks onto the road. 


I loved him, not more than his ginger brother Riley Blue, the Rileygator, who's still with us, we all loved him.


He was a particular friend of the big dog.



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I'm sorry to hear the news, it's heartbreaking to loose a pet especially like that frown.gif


deepest sympathy

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such sad news my friend, being a huge cat lover myself I feel for you, especially to lose one so young. Like you, I/we cannot find it in ourselves to keep our cats locked in the house 24/7, it does mean that sometimes there is a higher turnover than otherwise, but I like to think the quality of that life is better. He was a handsome young man alright!, i'm sure the dog will miss him also.


who gives a stuff if its the wrong forum, sometimes you just have to get things off your chest and that option should be there for those who need it.


We had a beautiful young Oriental Aleysha taken from us under similar circumstances on a nearby main road. She brought herself home while still in shock, I held her till she died about an hour later, so sad, but at least you/we were able to be there for them and know what happened, the worst thing is not knowing.


i'm sure there will be a void for some time, take care man

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We know your pain.


This spring we lost the last of our cats..."Florida"...who had been with us for the last sixteen of her twenty years.

She is sorely missed. This was taken only a couple of days before she died.



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I won't lie. I shed a few tears. The poor thing. He came home though. You did the best thing you could for him. He had a good life though and those dog cuddles are awesome!

Make the most of your time.
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Condolences for your loss. frown.gif

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So sorry to hear that.

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Heartbreaking, I’m sorry for your loss.

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hi wakibaki,


I'm truly sorry for your loss also. I poked my head into the DIY forum expecting to read a guide on something, and clicked through to find something much more important. You have every right to fully grieve the loss of your feline friend - while detractors can say what they may, a cat can be loyal, funny, intelligent, dedicated, gentle, rambunctious and such a massive part each of our lives.


That he came home says so much about your bond with him - it is in the nature of most cats to crawl under something dark, safe and away from people to spend their last hours, and cats tend to know when this is. That he home instead so he could say goodbye to you brought me to tears - from your picture he was one of those truly wonderful personalities. My ginger boy, whom I lost in similar circumstances, I will never forget. I hope time eases the pain of now and helps you restore and retain all of the fondest memories of your time with him.


I'm glad you posted. Some things in life are more important than headphones.



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Thank you all so much for your expressions of sympathy which have been read by my wife too . They really do help.

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