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Another gym headphone thread but minus occlusion and cable thump

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Newbie here, but I'm looking to buy a good pair of headphones for running.  I'm not concerned about needing to hear the surroundings, and the less sound leakage the better.  On the other hand the thing that annoys me the most is the occlusion effect and cable noise.  It bothers me when I'm running and I continually hear my footsteps.  I was wondering what people would recommend for running headphones that aren't the usual type of sport headphone where it sits in your ear. 



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I'm a big fan of the futuresonics atrio m5 worn over the ear for running with the shure olive tips.  Been using this combo for 5 years now, haven't found anything that beats it.  And the headphones hold up incredibly well.  I have no fear of them breaking,  There is also zero cable noise and no occlusion effect.  The incredible sub-bass also adds that little extra something to the workout -- I can't use anything else.

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i think high isolation and hearing your foot steps when you walk go together. 


with iems that dont isolate that well i have never noticed it, with iem's that isolate well i have always noticed this. so i think it a constant trade off. 

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I believe you are referring to microphonics. A quick solution to that would be a shirt clip, as well as wearing your IEMs wrapped around your ear and run behind your back to your pocket.

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Yeah, I might be using the wrong term, but it's whenever something is in my ear canal and it kind of makes my own voice seem to reverberate in my head more.  I also hear a "thud" each time I step hard (i.e. like running).

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I use the Atrio X and as mentioned the Atrio series works well but not sure about sweat and oils affecting the cable long term(esp. over the ear) and they aren't water/sweat resistant. I use water resistant phones like the PMX680 more often since they can be rinsed off and are okay for light rain and sweat.


The AT above have special tips and fittings and a clip and such to deal with those issues effectively but headband models work quite well since they usually have the cord entering the headband and not an earpiece avoiding microphonics, they are usually easier to insert since they are one piece and don't tangle, and you can take them out and hang them on your neck which can be more convenient. Like these Sony...

Just to give a picture though as I have no idea how those Sony might sound etc.

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Thanks for the recommendations so far.  I'll have to check them out.  I like the sennheisers too but the ear piece is a little big for my ears and they don't sit very comfortably.

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If you're talking about the PMX680, I had the same issue. You can take the yellow silicone rings off and that makes quite a difference in fit, comfort, and even sound. Made all the difference for me in keeping them or not.


AT even has another style but they are not really isolating but shouldn't have occlusion, microphonic, or bone conduction issues(if they got it right that is). Seems a bit pricey due to having a bunch of cables so if you don't need smartphone cables it might not be worth it. http://www.amazon.com/Technica-ATH-CP700-Waterproof-Headphones-Japanese/dp/B008BMX16Y

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