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Etymoic 4p micropro
Total rubbish, need to be pushed so far into your ear cavity they come out the other side
Bass is none exisitant, trebles are clear but thats it, people who praise these are being sonically raped.
Im now the proud ownder of sony mdr ex1000 and in comparison are leagues ahead, you miss so much sound on the etys, which the sonys find its a joke, makes you wanna listen to your music again, poo poo rubbish
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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

They are dropping $10K into the hands of the ASPCA from the eBay auctions... Prolly not a ploy eh?
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wait? how is that not a ploy? They are using viral marketing with old meme's to market their most likely horrid headphones along with a pop culture icon at the moment. That could not be more of a ploy. The amount of good PR generated by donating that money is going to make the sales of them skyrocket and put them on the necks of every celebrity this year increasing sales even more.

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Yes I suppose you're right, got to thinking about it after I posted. The 10 grand would be a small pittance to donate considering the profit they'll make from sales.

Sol Republic has an extreme "push" on right now with their giveaways and such with Deadmau5, Overthrow and other "branded" versions... Like any other company would do that needs to get a chunk of the Beets crowd market... So yeah it is a ploy... My bad... biggrin.gif

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Technics RP-F200 (entry level) was my worst. 

Lots of treble, thin mids and very weak bass with little extension. I think they're Panasonic clones from the late 90's, early 2000's.

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Monster N-credible N-ergy iems.

They sound like a pair of tweeters.

mids are muffled and the bass is too.triportsad.gif

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Beats by Dre studios, Soul SL300, B&W P3, Etymotic MC3, Bose QC3 and every Plantronic and Turtle Beach headset I've ever had. All terrible.
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Seenheiser Momentum. Not impressed at all. Dt1350 blows them away.
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​It's highly dependent. If no headphone amp is used, than it's the AKG 240. But if headphone amp is allowed, then the B&W P5 is my worst headphone.


(But both are great headphones for what they are intended to do though. Especially the AKG 240 considering how little I paid for it )

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DN HP-700s. Worst cans I've ever bought because I can't wear them for even half an hour before I have to take them off due to comfort issues. The sound is alright though. 

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Originally Posted by BucketInABucket View Post

DN HP-700s. Worst cans I've ever bought because I can't wear them for even half an hour before I have to take them off due to comfort issues. The sound is alright though. 
Change the pads
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Boxy closed in sound with NO BASS whatsoever. I'm not a basshead and I love and adore a neutral sig but come on.
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Originally Posted by Magicman74 View Post

Change the pads

Wait I had no idea you could change the pads stupid me :blink:

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Roccat Kave 5.1 gaming headset. It's the only gaming headset I've ever owned and I sold it off pretty fast, I certainly have no intention of buying another one. Unimpressive sound for $130, "REAL" 5.1 that is outperformed by good quality 2.0 headphones in every way, including imaging. Ridiculously heavy (We're talking noticeably moreso than Audezes....) with crap headband padding, which of course meant awful comfort. The only things I'll give it is that the microphone was actually pretty decent quality, and the build quality was really good. It also a had this gimmicky vibration unit in it, which would go off during heavy bass. Essentially a fake bass simulator.

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I enjoy a natural sound-stage which sounds as close to well balanced live music as possible. The worst headphones I have ever owned were a couple of Koss headphones. I do not remember which models, but they were cheap. I have heard some of their higher end ones as well and still did not care for their sound-stage. 


I find that Koss almost always has very muddy and overpowering bass and at times I would hear a hiss in the sound as well. 


As for my Sennheiser PC 141's which were a major upgrade I love those! Good overall sound and the bass is good, but not overpowering and I can still hear everything else. 


I am looking at upgrading from there as well. 

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Fischer Audio Old Skool 33 1/3. Not that they sounded that bad persay, just not very articulate or detailed. However they are marketed as a super portable small folding headphone. The headband had to be at the maximum setting and then they barely reached to be over my eardrum which pissed me off to no end. The headband is thin with little padding and hard plastic which gave me aches in the top of my head after 20 minutes. They also isolated very poorly and leaked a lot of sound, so in that regard were crap for the aimed purpose as well as being out performed by similar priced open headphones for home usage.

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