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Originally Posted by stevenlongs View Post

Headfi is like discovering fine cuisine after you've been fumbling fast food chains for years.
Expensive but delish...and everyone is raving about the food -_-


Great analogy, I'll use that with my friends. deadhorse.gif

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Only one week ago I bought a Sennheiser HD 558. What an expenisve mistake it turned out to be. For my ears it sounds too lush and mellow.

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Sorry to hear that, I love mine! What source are you using? For my 558's, I find it sounds better with (for example) my ipod nano than my clip zip...

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Worst sound quality aside from cheap earbuds: Maxell noise-cancelling cans

Worst build quality: Bose Triports (long before I heard of Head-Fi)


I'm still running my SR60 (pre-"i") and DT770 Pro 80 cans, but I'm mulling upgrading the Grados to SR80i or SR225i. I gave my Sony NC60s to my aunt (she has trouble hearing her TV over background noise), and she was very appreciative.


I didn't think the Triports sounded bad, just not as good as either the Grados or the Beyers, and having them snap to pieces convinced me to never buy Bose again.


About the only real problem the Beyers have is that they're power-hungry. Typical laptop jacks don't provide enough juice to really drive them well, and my E-MU 0404 USB and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 boxes are just loud enough when listening to classical. With rock they're more than loud enough.

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I connect my HD 558 directly to my Macbook Pro or my CD player, which is a Technics SL-PS670D. Punch me but I can’t hear a difference between the two devices.

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Well to each his own ;)

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Beats by dr dre studio, ibeats sold both
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The absolute worst headphones were my first ones, way back in the 70's. They were made by Koss. I don't remember the model but they were so uncomfortable I could only wear them for a few minutes which was more than enough time because they sounded so horrible I couldn't stand to listen to them!  My next pair were Sennheiser 424's that were sooooo much better I was amazed. I've never had a bad set of cans except for that first awful one from Koss. Unbelievable horrible.

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My worst were some Coby headphones I bought from a local Fred Meyers. Naturally, they were sold as "Extra Bass", as at the time I thought that's all there was to a good headphone. They ended up crapping out like two months after I got them.


After that, I started to get a vague interest in decent headphones. I think I ended up trading my friend for some Sony MDR-V300's, which I liked much more (but, by today's standards are still very bad).

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Lol id have to say my worst pair of headphones were probably these $70 skullcandy headphones but when I had them I thought they were fantastic and I was comparing them to my apple headphones a while ago and my apple headphones sounded a little better than the skullcandy and I was just comparing my M50's to my apple headphone and relized how bad those little earbuds sucked and then though of how bad those skullcandy earbuds must have sounded when I had them

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I'm usually a smart buyer so none... One headphone I actually regretted buying was the HE-400 only because I went broke the next day from a car repair. Other than that, nope.


EDIT: I'm a student and very tight on money during various times of the year

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Sony V7502. Man....so bad. But take this little nugget. There is no such thing as a bad headphone, just a stone in the road to audio bliss.

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Skullcandy skullcrushers.
I bought them as a joke, but I almost cried when i realised I spent $60 AUD on something that stupid.

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