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Worst headphones you've ever bought

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whats the worst pair you've spent your money on?

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Razer Barracuda HP 5.1 headset with the Barracuda AC1 sound card years ago before I got into audiophile headphones.

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Ooh I can't wait see this thread get some posts running. Seems interesting. Anyways, the worst I have received were probably some cheap skull candies. Not sure on model, but were not so comfy. The quality was just horrible. Not just that, once you put them on, you looked like an idiot. >.< I am not a guy for Fashion over quality, but these looked ridiculous!

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Gaming headset:

Tritton Ax Pro. $180 for a real multiple speaker headphone for true surround. It was horrible.

The Turtle Beach Z2 was just as bad, even with 50mm stereo drivers. Not to mention, the first pair broke as I took them out of the box the first time. Yeah.

As far as headphones... I'd say the Koss UR40. Tried two of them, and it was the most worthless pile of excrement I've heard. People love to mod these, which would make them better, but I bought them before I knew all about the mods. In stock form, they are a disaster.

The Sennheiser PX200-II was also horrible. Not because it wasn't capable, but because it was impossible to get a good seal, that everything sounded tinny. It also didn't stay in place. What good are headphones if the seal is very important but the design doesn't allow it?

The Skullcandy Lowriders were also just... ugh.

The Panasonic HTX7. They looked nice, but that sound quality was lol-worthy. I honestly felt the sound quality was worth $5. I honestly can't believe people like this thing. I'd buy one, transplant some good drivers, better pads, and recable.

The Sony XB500. Bass and mud, 24-7. Sounds like they have the flu. Even EQ-ing the hell out of them won't save their disgraceful sound signature. The XB700 is MUCH better.
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Turtle Beach X11frown.gif

Now I'm doing pretty good though. Have the UE TF10's and the Grado SR80i's. Lets hope I dont make any bad headphone decisions later!

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lol skullcandy and turtle beach so far no surprise there

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Sony MDR-V500(DJ)


Simultaneously dull and shrill and grainy, muddy as hell. Blender full of kazoos.


I didn't like my Grado SR60s either, but I could tell why some people like them ("3-D"-sounding mid-range). Therefore, the Sonys are the worst, because I can't tell why anyone would like them. They just have nothing going for them,


I've spent hours with both of these trying different EQ settings but it's no use.

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Skullcandy Holua (IEMs but definitely the worst I paid for)
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iLogic $2 earbuds.





(Performs seppuku)

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$30 Turtle Beach Z1 headset. -1/10. Absolutely terrible.


1. I had two pairs virtually disintergrate in 1 week.

2. They clamped very hard + a super aural design that crushed your ears and head + itchy pads

3. Sound was horrible

4. Mic was good actually.



I much preferred my $10 Logitech headset I bought at Target. I loved that little thing.

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I don't have many drastic examples, other than the long-standing hatred of wraparound headphones. They always rubbed me the wrong way, mostly because of the fact that it's taking convenience and looks over any type of quality.


Also I do remember buying a $50 pair of Sony earbuds off of ebay before, only did because some people said the bass was good etc. They were awful, no matter how many earcushions they give you, it was enough to put me off of earbuds all together (Yes i've even heard pro-audio level ones and they rocked, but still aren't my thing.)

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Exspect EX882, looked like a cheap chinese CX300/ EP 630 clone, sounded like bass muddy garbage.


Not a massive fan of the Denon AH-D310's I picked up either, even at £12. EQing them made them tolerable. 

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Soundmagic pl50 (not a problem, they are cheap) and pro700mk2 (I just don't get how these can cost more than 50 bucks).

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For me, the HD 202, even though it was inexpensive at $20. They are just very uncomfortable and have poor sound quality, everything's just so muddy and bassy, and not even in a fun-sounding way. frown.gif  There are way better choices at that pricepoint. 

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oh what didnt you like about the ATH-Pro700mk2? i was looking to buy these with velour pads and because I like loads of bass

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