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[REVIEW] Logitech UE9000 - Ultimate Ears HEADPHONES Released! The UE4000, UE6000 and the UE9000 - Impressions Thread - Page 41

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Originally Posted by furyagain View Post

I agree with you,

I think with NO ANC , you better use it with a portable amp,

But lucky i am using it with my Hifiman 601,

it sound Great with it,

I bought a second pair right away,

Bought two New in Box for 140 dollars!

amazing deal to me.! ( they are like 220 local in Canada)

where did you buy it from?

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 it was from kijiji


the seller won them from his company's party,

Both both of them off him!


They are really amazing for 140 !

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Has anyone tried the UE4000?

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Sounds like they went through the trouble of making them i compatible, also sounds like an amp will be necessary in some applications. A loss either way, a real shame too. All the added, um.... 'gimmicks' as we seem contented on calling them, would have made these a decent upgrade. Might still try them out though.

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Originally Posted by invalid404 View Post

Has anyone tried the UE4000?
I have a pair. They sound pretty good for the price point. Lacking in bass impact and depth, and no sound stage. But they have pretty good detail. Build quality wise I have not had any issues.
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This is a pretty long thread and I don't have the time to read every single page. I'd appreciate if someone can answer these questions for me.


First, which bluetooth version does this headset support? Does it support apt-X?


I've read that bluetooth headphones suffer from lag from time to time. Anyone here experienced any lag from bluetooth audio stream? 


So far I'm not aware of any headsets that doesn't have any lag when playing videos. Can anyone here confirm that when using this headphone doesn't suffer from any lag when watching videos with either the iPhone, iPad, or the Macbook Air/Pro?

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yes, AptX.  only Macbook supports it.

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

yes, AptX.  only Macbook supports it.

Any comments about the lag?

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I have a UE9000 and wanted to know if it would with the Samsung Note 2?


It currently working with my iphone 4 but I want to upgrade to the Samsung Note 2. I wanted to make sure that the buttons for FF and Rew and Pause on the headset would work with the Samsung phone?

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I am a very proud owner of the UE9000 since the very first day it came out, I also have many other pairs of what here headfiers like to call high end. For years I been waiting for any company to come up with a solution for high quality wireless portable sound that also looks good. My very first in-ear was an ultimate Ears superfi eb 11yrs ago, I also used a few Logitech products, gaming keyboard, mouse and speakers etc. Since then I always hated cables. While all other headphone companies were concentrating on high quality headphones with cables, Logitech had some bluetooth ones that had a small dongle that plugged straight into the 2nd gen ipods and it sounded terrible. That was more that 10 yrs ago. Logitech though concentrated on bluetooth technology, they came up with a few different devices and favorite one was the Squeeze box. The sound from the squeeze box in terms of how bluetooth can be limited was proved wrong. They nailed it perfectly. I always knew that Logitech had did their homework and has mastered how to use bluetooth at their best. Partnering with Ultimate Ears was a marriage made in heaven. For me the UE9000 and a Galaxy S3 Jellybam rom, it the icing on the wedding cake. After 2 months of burning in, yes, burning in does matter. Burning in is confirmed, and it just gets better. The bass gets deeper and rounder, no distortion that was there at first, the bass was a little bit too much when I first got it, now it's been tamed. I love these. I am keeping those, until something better comes along.
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I am just reading your post now, unfortunately, no it does not work. The only button that works on an android phone is the pause. The back and forward does not work. Which is a shame. I hope they come up with a fix for that one day. But I can live with that, and you would too, considering the difference in sound quality between the iPhone and the Galaxy range. I too tried the UEs with my misses iPhone to test if the buttons works there. And yes they do, but sound is really crap there. These headphones need to be eq'ed. Even just the plain Samsung player does an excellent job in eq'ing the sound through bluetooth, but the best sound can be achieved using a DSP from another rom that supports it. Or you could just get one from Playstore.
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About the lag thing, it's nothing to do with sound at all. Sound is in real time. It is not an issue at all. The lag thing is just when you are increasing or decreasing volume. A very slight lag. For example you press the volume up twice in one second, you hear the volume goes up for the first time on the second click, then the other volume up follows. It's like the phone has to think then response. But again it's not noticeable. And it's only for volume up and down. If you are watching a movie, the sounds that comes out from someone's mouth or any action in the movie is real time.
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To vyaschady:


Thanks for your review and detailed experience with UE 9000.  I been debating if to make that my Xmas present and your posts are the feedback I was looking for.  The other few dedicated reviews for the UE 9000 on the web where just homework over the headphones.  Some of the reviews actually don't even appreciate what this headphones bring, and I think they are actually a great value.  Not that $400 is cheap for headphones when you can get $15 at Walmart, but then again if you are looking at this is because you are looking at quality over price.


Every review I read they say:  good build quality, very comfortable, great as either wireless or cord, bluetooth support apt-x, NC, battery life ~10hrs with bluetooth and 20hrs without it, the style, connect up to 8 devices, etc..  Is the kind of product you buy and can use in so many ways for years to come.  I bet the only problem like any device will be the battery after a few years, but that can be fixed.


I guess what is left for me is just find a place to actually try them and bring them home.  I hope this is the start of a new audio junkie.

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Santa came early with a set of UE9000!!!   Testing them as I write.... I am not an audiophile, so this is average Joe review.

So far I am happy with the sound but they feel just a little too bassy in some songs (Dirty-Bit).  I can imagine what was mentioned about headphone "break-in", so I expect this boominess to go down (too probably perfect) after quite some time of usage.  Definetly having a good set of headphones makes such a different in every song.  What is interesting is that for the first time in long long time I can feel the music degradation from iTunes and Pandora songs.  Coming from having a decent setup in the 90's with Creative speakers, good PC hardware, and all CD driven, down to mp3s and every time less quality...  I totally forgot what good audio is.  Can't wait to try the headphones in some CDs to compare.  The part that I am enjoyning the most is that actually the music depth I am listening to, it actually makes you listen to the song and not just the rythm!!   LOVE IT!

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Hey guys, how does the UE6000 compare to M50?

I hear that the 6000's bass is like a Beat's bass. If so, I quit. Else...

I hear isolation isn't all that great, but still acceptable. Is that true? Is it good for hip-hop/rnb/soul?

And the AKG Tiestos seem like a direct competitor for these. basshead.gif

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