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Hello everyone.

Im starting on the audiophile world now.The best IEMs I had were a cx500 and a CKM55, both broke down, and now Im going for something better.

Im between buying a re262 along with a fiio E7 or just an UE options would cost me around 250 dollars because the price to ship to my country (Brazil) is kinda expensive.I wont find them anywhere here and if I did I would pay like 3x the price.

Which option should I get? Is that E7 really necessary? Can you suggest other options around 150-250? Also if you know any website besides ebay and headdirect that would ship headphones to Brazil, please tell me.

I have an ipod touch 3 as a player, and I might sell it to buy an x7.Is the ipod good enough for those iems or should I really get the x7 or something else around $250?


Thanks a lot.