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JVC HAFX101 vs Brainwavz Beta

Poll Results: JVC or Brainwavz

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New Guy here, sorry if this is a rehash but i've been looking for the best deal on a quality pair of IEM's, i've got it down to these two bad boys for under 15 bucks, I think im gonna pull the trigger today, would love you guy's input on this final showdown on which i should choose, which do you think build quality is better? overall sound? bass? etc.. i listen to all sorts of music from Punk, Bluegrass, Dubstep, Raggae, blues, etc.... help this guy that can't make a decision make one lol







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I got both of these and sent the Beta back. I do love my bass though so I'm probably a bit biased. The 101s are a great buy, but I had to put them through a rigorous burn-in and a parametric EQ (following this tutorial http://www.head-fi.org/a/how-to-equalize-your-headphones-a-tutorial) to be satisfied with them as the highs were a bit too harsh for me unequalized. But now I'm very very happy with them. Another sub $15 pair that gets a lot of praise is the Philips SHE3580. You may want to look into them.

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I own both of these IEMs. The brainwavz beta v2s were really disappointing from initial impression, they are no doubt very capable but nothing really WOWs you in their sound signature. I would say they are of a more smooth mature sound while the FX101s are more of the mainstream fun bassy nature with highs that can be bright/ harsh at times. (You really need to burn them FX101 in real well to get the best out of their sound, while the betas need little to no burn in) The mids and highs on the FX101s are pretty decent, and they definitely have that WOW factor.   


But in the end I would recommend you get the JVC FX40s, these can be had for around ~$18 shipped from nothingbutsoftware or $20 from amazon etc.  These carbon nanotube drivers are no joke. They blow the betas outta the water for me, because the bass is deep and lush while retaining really good mids and highs (highs are harsh/ bright without lots of burn in on these sadly as with most lower end JVC IEMs).  There is a huge thread on these two JVC FXs so do your homework and decide which sound sig matches your music preferences the most and go with that. At the end of the day it's all about the music.  beerchug.gif

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