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This is kind of a noob review but anyways :


Excerpts from the review:


Ear buds :
Went upstairs to the attic and opened the ear buds on my study table. They looked good and felt even better. I almost hurt myself while opening the packaging due to the cheap plastic package. Plugged them in to my MP3 player (Transcend MP-320. Will publish review later) and quite frankly did not expect anything great from them. They sounded the same as the Panasonic ear buds and at times worse. I did not lose hope as i had read about burning- in IEM's /ear buds or whatever you want to call them. So I left the MP3 player switched on and played music for about 25-30 hours on the ear buds.

Note: Burning in ear buds in refers to tuning the drivers on the ear buds to achieve maximum sound quality.

After burning them in, listened to my favorite band Linkin Park and the music sounded brilliant from these Rs. 200 headphones.


For the full review:


P.S - No pictures as I don't have a camera but you can google them ;)

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