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Peachtree Audio Nova Pre as Headphone Amp: Thoughts?

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Current setup is PC as source>Musical Fidelity V-Link>Musical Fidelity V-DAC>Matrix M-Stage>HD650


Considering the Peachtree Audio Nova Pre as a headphone amp.


Things I'm thinking & considering:


1) Very important: Does the headphone stage utilize the hybrid tube amp?  I really want to step into tube amplification.

2) Would this be a substantial upgrade from my current source components?

3) Consideration & main reason I (think) I want the Nova Pre over the Nova: Later down the road I can get the Peachtree 220 Power Amp to drive a nearfield setup for my computer setup.  I prefer a separate amplifier over the Nova's integrated amplifier. 


Any input appreciated!

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I have one for sale on Audiogon if you are interested. Decided to go back to variable drive Cdp plus I need the money. Thanks!
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I might be interested in the Novapre on Audiogon, but I can't find it anywhere on the site. Is it still available and if so can you provide a link? Thanks


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Sorry just sold - went quick!etysmile.gif

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Had just typed a long reply and my Safari session froze.. I have the grand pre and love it with my HD 800s


Using it with a Mac Mini, Pure Music/iTunes


PM me if you have any questions.. It's past midnight and am not prepared to replicate my previous review.


Will try again another time.


Only quirk.. is that I have to crank the volume control to 3pm to get the sound level I like... Also with my Stereo line level outs.. I usually have the settings around 1 to 2pm.


Not quire as 'tube' like sounding as the Audible Illusions Modulus 3 and Audio Note Dac 1 combo which it replaced but the convenience of the USB DAC and remote control won the day...Especially as my MAC Mini + stereo doubles as my HT/Video server and sound system.

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Bumping this old thread to see if there are an new users of the Peachtree Nova Pre out there that can share their experience with it.

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I have the idecco, but not the nova. Overall for the price, it is a very respectable headphone amp/dac. Comparing it to higher end things, it obviously shows its limitations, but in the sub 1K range, I don't think you will do much better.
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Thanks Senn-Fi.  Gosh, I didn't realize this thread was in the Summit-Fi forum when I replied to it out of a search result.  Maybe a moderator can move it down into the regular equipment forums?


Anyway, I am specifically interested in the NovaPre. There are some good threads about earlier Peachtree efforts, but according to their website, this NovaPre should be both a better preamp and headphone amp:




How does the novaPre compare to the preamp in the decco65 and nova125?

The novaPre sounds noticeably better than using "Pre Out" on a decco65 or nova125.

The novaPre has its own custom-designed Class A circuitry which is a step up from the already excellent preamplifier section found in the decco65 and nova125.
The power supply of the novaPre is dedicated exclusively to the requirements of the novaPre itself, without the need to also power an amplifier stage.
Headphone listeners will find the novaPre features an advanced headphone section.


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Giving this thread another bump wink.gif I'm also very interested in the nova pre and 220. Highly considering this for headphone and speakers.. Anyone have their opinion on the strengths and weakness of each output?
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can't speak for it as a headphone amp as all i currently use it for is my B&W P5 headphones, which are just ok headphones. I do use the NovaPre/220 with my KEF LS50's though and it is absolutely remarkable. Especially for vocals and acoustic music. Would love to hear more info about how it sounds with higher end headphones though as I am thinking about getting some new Audeze LCD-X's.

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anyone have any thoughts on this as a headphone amp?

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Just got a pair of Audeze LCD2.2's today, and I have to say they sound a bit underpowered with this amp. It does put out 1 watt @ 32 ohms, but I have to turn the dial to about 4pm to get a good listening volume and by that point there is a bit of distortion at the high end it seems, but the bass is still fantastic. I think a Burson Conductor will be in my future since it puts out a good 4 watts that should certainly help drive these headphones more appropriately. Just thought I would put it my 2 cents, more to follow as I listen some more.

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