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Need Some Help: Had Beyer DT 770 Pro 80s... but those didn't quite hit the mark.

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I need help with selecting a new set of cans!


First Some Background:

I'm a noob in the HiFi realm, but I do appreciate high quality sound. My first dip in the quality pool was at a HiFi store where I tried on a pair of Grado SR60 and SR80. They were the only cans I tried that day and they almost brought tears to my eyes. I heard things in my music I never heard before. The music sounded alive and real, like I was sitting in front of the artist. I couldn't decide which ones I liked better but I think I was leaning towards the 60s. I didn't have the cash to buy them so I left, but I was forever changed.That was about 5 years ago.


Since then:

I've been lurking on the head-fi forums researching for a few years researching. I am way past Bose or Monster beats or Skullcandy. They all sound like ass to my ears. I also know that there is a big difference between open and closed cans in terms of sound. At least I know I'm not at square one. I have listened to some Senn cans, even a spendy $500 pair.. I didn't care for them at all. they were too (flat?)  Based on reviews I read, I purchased a used pair of Beyer DT770 pros and used them with a Fiio e11 amp/ipod combo. My impression was that I liked how low the bass could go, and how clear the mids and highs were but sometimes i found the highs to be too forward and sharp at high volumes (sibilance?) Also I felt that, while clear, the low end was lacking in oomph. I wanted them to punch me or "shake my face".. but even with the amp bass boosted all the way up on the amp eq they just didn't. For ****s n giggles I plugged my friend's monster beats solo cans into my amp and found a shocker... I liked the bass more than my beyers.. the bass wasn't quality.. not very accurate... but it was punchier and more impactful. They couldn't replicate the super low tones like the beyers and the mids and highs were muddy and not crisp at all so they were still no good, but I was really interested that the beats had something my beyers did not. Perhaps it was the fault of the amp? Another thing I liked but also disliked was how accurate the beyers were. I found out that most of my mp3 collection was utter ****. Anything less than 320kbps quality was almost unlistenable with all the distortion.


What I listen to:

I like a wide variety of styles (part of the problem), including but not limited to: acoustic folk, rock, electronica (drum and bass and dubstep), alternative, oldies, indie, pop, hip-hop, r&b. I don't listen to a ton of country, classical, or super heavy gangsta rap. Any given day you could find me listening to Ellie Goulding, CCR, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, NIN, Ani Difranco, Kesha, Lauren Hill, Korn, India.Arie, Lords of Acid, Pitbull, Pink, Death Cab For Cutie, or Celine Dion. I have an immense music collection that seems to keep getting wider and more diverse every week.


What I'm looking for:

A comfortable set of circumaural cans, preferably closed but as open sounding as possible... or a quieter open set since I would be listening in a variety of settings at home and on the go. I don't care if the cans are "portable" as long as they can be driven by my headphone e11 amp. I considered the beyers fine for portable listening. I'd like the set to be under $200 and I'm fine with buying them used. I don't care what they look like either and I don't care what length of cord they have. I would like a dynamic sound, lively and punchy with enough low bass reproduction to make me really feel the wobbly bass in my dubstep but also be able to accurately and clearly depict acoustic guitar solos or even acapella vocals. I don't mind the trebble being a little bright, but not harsh to the point of annoying. Not sure if this reference would make any sense but.. My ex had a VW golf GTI with an upgraded Monsoon stereo system in it. I LOVED the sound of it. It was powerful and balanced in every way that my ears liked. If you could shrink that sound down into a headphone, that's what I'd be looking for lol.


So, please, if you know of any powerful, well rounded cans, and you don't think my request is impossible.. I'll take any suggestions... and would love to hear about your personal experiences with your reccomended set of cans!


Thanks a bunch!



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Did you use the E11 at high voltage or low voltage, the switch is under the batteries.

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maybe get speakers instead of headphones? its seems like u want more speakerish sound. Big subwoofer and decent monitors.


but if not then try XB700's from Sony.

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the fact that Beats has something that the Beyers doesnt have is simply just because of the rather different soundsig.. beyer dt770pro, although considered as bassheaviest among beyer lineup or among other headphones for that matter is not extremely bassheavy and the midbass is more controlled compared to the Solo. and even to an sr60i I can say that the grado has more punch albeit kind of lacking in weight.


the best basshead headphone I've ever tried is ATH Pro700mkII, it is not audiophile grade though, and might shift a bit from your requirements and preference in sound. The Sony XB700 is also a good choice and a lot more suiting to your preference, but I do find the beyer dt770's bass punchier and less harsh up top.


If I may suggest some other headphones, Sennheiser HD25 1-ii, AKG K181dj, or my personal favourite Shure SRH750dj.




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Thanks for the reccomends, I'll check them all out!


I had them on high voltage, and changed the eq to 2 and the gain to high.

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