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USB sound fluttering?

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I have a new laptop about a month old. I noticed a fairly major sound problem a few days ago. If I play my headphones at a good volume after about 30sec sound starts to flutter crackle and pop. I just went into my device manager and changed all the USB ports so there is no power managing. I haven't had the drop outs since.

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So you fixed the issue by turning off the power management?  If that is the case thank you for posting this as I am sure many other people are having this issue.


To do this on a PC


1.)  Go to Control Panel

2.)  Double Click or open the System folder

3.)  Go to Hardware

4.)  Click on Device Manager

5.)  Scroll toward the very bottom and find the Universal Serial Bus Controller and open the tab by clicking on the plus sign +

6.)  Right Click on the Root Hub ( you may have multiple )

7.)  Go to Properties

8.)  Move to the Power Management tab to the far right

9.)  Uncheck the "Allow this computer to to turn off this device to save power"

10.)  Repeat for all of the Root Hubs you may have

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This has to be, by far, one of the best tweaks! Thank youbigsmile_face.gif


I have noticed from tweaking my laptop today with the above advice, that it works even better, if you can identify the exact usb port to allow continuous power!

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That worked but I also went. Control Panel - Hardware and sound - Power options - Change plan setting - Advanced settings - Usb setting - Usb selective suspend -disabled.


The problem did show up again though. I think it is the laptop. It is a new Samsung gaming machine and I think it is some of there software causing the problem. Seems to work fine now though.

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