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In-Ears $40-$80?

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Looking for something in ear that will give great mids and highs, not a huge fan of booming bass.  I listen to alot of trance/electronic/ etc.  Heres an example if you have no idea. 
about 90% of the time it will see use on mp3/phone music players.

I'm not sure what the best in class are in these price ranges.. can someone clue me in?  What's new, what's old?
Are the audio technica ones any good?  maybe ATH-CKM55?  If that's an enhanced bass model then nevermind but I wish things were marked more clearly.. stupid marketing.

   My experience with sennheiser was good but maybe there is nicer out there? Shure? Etymotic?

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Have you seen these two lists?






Takes awhile to look through them, but you'll get lots of good ideas smile.gif

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CKM500 fall in that price range, they have a bit more bass than neutral, but they arent bass cannons though either.

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check Fischer Audio`s Eterna or Consonance

great options for trance. Consonance is probably better match as it is reproduces sound with clarity and impact. Very clear and balanced sound.

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That's the most detailed comparison I've ever seen haaha. 
It looks like the Vsonic GR06 is dominating everything in this price range I'm looking at.  Is this well agreed upon by the members here?  I'm still curious if this would be good for the type of music I listen to or if something else would be better .. the ones scoring close to but not better than were the Etymotic MCx, Hisoundaudio Crystal, Shure SE215, hifiman RE0 or RE-ZEROs.

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This weekend, I ordered the MEElectronics A161P that might be a good fit for your needs, although I haven't heard them yet (I get 'em tomorrow or the next day). Same as the Fischer Audio SBA-03 in those recommendation lists. I used a discount coupon and was able to get them shipped for $86. If you look at them in ljokerl's ratings, he's got SBA-03 in the $100-$150 tier, so even a better value rating at under $90.

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Originally Posted by jasonb View Post

CKM500 fall in that price range, they have a bit more bass than neutral, but they arent bass cannons though either.

+1 for the ckm500. and they beat the HSA Crystal in SQ 

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