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Hi.  I have a pair of Marty custom woodies with Magnum v4 drivers currently being crafted by Marty and an keen on an amp, and possibly a DAC.  I would like an Alo Continental V2 with the Solo DAC but it's a tad to expensive for me right now.


Should I get a Leckerton 63 MK3 or the Alo National which is currently in sale - they are both a similar price.  I see that the Leckerton has a DAC on board.  About 70 to 80% of my listening is out of my Mac Pro with the rest being out of my iPod - for which the Leckerton will only act as an amp anyway.


Also any thoughts on a portable case for my woodies?  I see that large Hippo cases have sold out - and when they are back are selling as packages with stuff that I don't need.


Thanks in advance. Cheers, Stu