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Sennheiser HD 380's or?

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I was recently out and about and ran across a pair of HD 380's for a good price, so I bought them.   I did not know much about them and since I had no opportunity to listen to them prior to buying them I just took a chance on the Sennheiser name and picked them up.  I have been listening to them for the past couple days and have had mixed reactions, sometimes they sound just phenomenal but at other times I find myself wanting for "more".  I wish I could quantify what I mean but I am not really sure myself.   In my simple world I think the soundstage is pretty impressive for closed back phones and the mids and trebles are up front and sound great.  Sometimes the bass seems subdued and can get lost in the mix.  This may be a result of them being balanced. 


I do not have a ton of experience with headhphones.  Besides the Senn's I have a pair of Sony MDR-6 phones that I use at home for Studio work.  I do find the Senn's to be a step up but I have to admit that the less than outstanding reviews and comments I have seen regarding the Senn's make me wonder if I should return them and look for something else instead.  


So, I am into the Senn's for a bit less than $150 and with that in mind would like to stay in the $150-$200 range.  The purpose of these phones is to be used in the office, meaning that I need something portable that can be shuffled back and forth every day without to much fuss.  I also would prefer closed back phones just to avoid any issues with complaining co-workers.  For an audio source I am using Google Music and my Android phone.  I understand the the streaming from Google is 320kBps so my audio source is pretty good, the phone is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is supposed to be pretty decent too although if I can find a decent amp with a DAC that works with my phone (and uses line out instead of the headphone jack, anyone know of any?) I would probably pick that up too. 


I know this is an often asked question and I am sure many a tired of yet another "which phones" thread and for that I am sorry.  I have read tons of reviews and looked at phones from $75-$400 and feel just as lost as when I started.   Left to my own devices I would likely order a pair of the ATH-M50s phones and be done with it but part of me thinks that it might be a step down from the Senn's, or maybe a lateral step.  I just don't know and I have not been able to find a place to audition phones other than Best Buy and their selection is limited.  Well, clearly I am off to just babbling so it must be time to end this.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.  I appreciate any feedback or opinions.



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bump.  anyone?  I posted this is the recommendations thread and it appears that it was removed.  Not sure if I am doing something wrong?


Since I posted this I went out and listened to some Grado's.  The RS-1 and RS-2 and they are not for me.  Seemed very anemic to me.   Again, I am looking for headphones that I can take back and forth to the office so portability is a bonus.  First and foremost thought I want a great sounding pair of headphones.  Closed would be best (another strike against the Grado's) and while not a basshead I would like to have some good extension into the lower ranges.  The HD 380's I have now are fine, but they just seem kind of subdued on the lower end.  I have read a lot of threads here and I have a list of cans that seem to be mentioned a fair amount.


Shure SRH 840, 940

Ultrasone 580, 780 Pro 750

HiFi 240

Audio Technica ATH-M50s


I have not found much to look at in my area and even less to listen to (I went to a Magnolia at Best Buy last night specifically to listen to some headphones.  They had them on the shelf but told me that I could not audtion them until next week.  Seems they are remodeling there displays.  :-/).   Some of the pairs they had there were


AKG K550

Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A

Audio Technica ATH-A700H (japan import)


I have no idea what any of these sound like but they are some of the options available to me.  Any recommendations?  Comments?  Thoughts?



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Originally Posted by garage_logician View Post

I posted this is the recommendations thread and it appears that it was removed. 



Sorry, I found my post in the other thread.  Should have looked harder before I posted I guess....

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