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For Sale: Audeze LCD-3

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audeze LCD-3

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is my Audeze LCD-3, with wood care kit, both sets of cables (and an extra LCD-2 "old style" TRS cable), FR graph, and travel case.


History: This is one of the first units sent in to Audeze to go through the RMA process.  I was still not satisfied as I perceived issues (which I dub "the submarine effect") stemming from the pads.  After some discussion with Sankar and a few users, I tried out multiple sets of pads (4 in total) until I found "the ones."  My set is the best I've heard to date and with the Balancing Act is the best dynamic sound I've heard yet.


Reason for sale: I prefer my stat setup overall for my musical tastes, and I am hoping to purchase a T2 in the near-ish future.  


Price includes shipping in CONUS.  I am willing to put together a package with the Headroom Max if anyone is interested - they are a very good pairing.


Pics should be up by tomorrow.

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Bump - pics now available

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What is the "submarine effect"?Thanks!

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It is a condition unique to the LCD-3's memory foam pads.  They conform to your face so completely that in some cases they give you this eerie feeling.  It is similar (in my case) to the pressure of being deep underwater, so I call it the "submarine effect." I have found it to be mitigated with pads that are stitched more tightly around the foam inserts.


These are sold.

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hi do you still have the LCDs  my email is      please let me know





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Classified is closed when the listing is sold.

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