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What are the most comfortable headphones? - Page 6

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3 - HD598

2 - MA900

1 - PX100-II

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Sony F1
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1. Senn HD 600 *

2. Denon D7000

3. Beyer DT 770 Pro *



*after stretching the headband to reduce clamp

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T1s for me...I'm big on physical comfort but also on how well the pads breathe...the T1s keep my ears nice and cool and I can wear them quite a while. My Grados have average comfrort except for the 80s....once you soften up the pads they are very comfy, light headphones that have very little clamp and just rest gently on your noggin. Least comfortable would be the Sennheiser 518s....those things were like a sauna on my ears. 

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I have a set of PXC 450s for travel which are super comfy :)

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I dont have anything to compare to, but i have a pair of Bose AE2's that I have worn on 2 overnight flights to Hawaii.That is 8 total hours of nonstop use (flight time, not layovers. Actual user time is probably around 8 1/2) and they are like lightweight pillows on your ears. I didnt experience any discomfort.

I know Bose isnt well liked because of the price tag, but I see why they appeal to older people. They may be pretty expensive but they don't really have any cons, and they do the little things perfectly. I like them a lot, just not well enough to keep them :) (trying to sell to get a pair of HFI 580s)

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^ Oh, I forgot about those. Those probably take my #3 spot instead of the HD598.


I also thought they sounded pretty decent. A little "random", but a relatively balanced spectrum.

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how do the m50 compare in comfort to the solos, studios, or bose ae2?

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1, HD800

2, GS1000

3, K701

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Originally Posted by ilikedonkeys39 View Post

how do the m50 compare in comfort to the solos, studios, or bose ae2?

The Bose AE2 is marginally more comfy, but the M50 smokes the other two in comfort.

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My vote is for Sony MDR-7506 w/ Beyer Velour Pads...  Those pads make them the most comfortable cans I have worn...  I can wear them all day and still not tire of them.

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i notice with the studios it kinda sqeezys my jaw/cheek it feels really weird, probobly because i have a samll head

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Originally Posted by GL1TCH3D View Post

The LCD3 were amazingly comfortable when I tried them at a meet the other day.
Still think my HD800 is the most comfortable.
Strangely enough mine fit differently than my friend's HD800.

How did you find they felt different compared to mine? Maybe yours are more "broken-in" lol. I'm very ocd with my stuff, so it's pretty much stiff as it would be out of the box.

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The Audio Technica ATH-W1000x is very comfortable, the wings are a great support mechanism.

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Another super comfy set of mine is the Koss Reference One. It has hard vinyl earpads and clamps a lot but it feels like a pair of huge, cozy earmuffs when you're wearing it.


It is very heavy though (over a pound) so I don't recommend it for constant use, and it's not like you'll ever find one... they're stupid rare.

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