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Hey everyone, looking to purchase a new IEM here pretty soon because apparently 3 isn't enough :) I currently have the Westone 4, DBA-02 and SE215.  One of my enjoyments with IEMs has come from the various sound signatures which increases the replay value of my favorite music/albums.  I don't have a preference so to speak, I simply like trying new and different things.  I think this time around I'm considering a (better) dynamic driver based IEM, something with good bass.  I've currently been researching the following (feel free to throw out other ideas):







My musical preferences are all over the place: Indie, Folk, Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic.  I mainly looking for what would compliment what I already have and would allow me to experience a different signature than what I'm already familiar with.  Thanks! (and sorry if I missed the dedicated recommendations thread, I thought there was one and I did look for it.  I know one exists for the full size headphones forum, maybe that's the only place I've seen it).