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Neutral Desktop Headphone AMP for Heir Audio 4.A CIEM?

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I have a pair of Heir Audio 4.A's currently running out of my Leckerton UHA-6SII (which I love) but I want to be able to leave that at the office rather than shifting it back and forth every day.


I like the neutral sound and would like something that kept that relatively similar. However, I'm not tied to it having an integrated DAC (would be nice, but I can always get a separate DAC). What I would like, if possible, is a preamp out for my powered speakers. Right now they're just a set of Acoustic Energy Aego M's, but I am considering upgrading them to something a bit better after this next upgrade.


Can anyone give me any suggestions? The one I have looked at is the HeadRoom Micro Amp/DAC combo but I don't know how it sounds. I also considered the HeadRoom Desktop Amp as it does have all the features I'm considering. However, I don't know much about the sound v. others.


Budget is <$1,000. Less would be better if it doesn't have a DAC and I'll need to think about getting one. I prefer a more neutral sound signature but would be OK if the sound was a bit on the warmer side of neutral. If it there's an integrated DAC I'd like 24/96.


I did look at a few of the options from Yulong but I did a bit of research and heard about some issues with Macs and have decided to avoid that brand for now. I have SPDIF-out on my machine so no problems there.


Any suggestions?

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As I said in other thread you better look to a good portable amp like the Lisa 3 or Alo RX MK3...though all my CIEMS work wonders with my V200 I barely pair them with it..most of the time JH3A or JH13 through the DX100.


The DX100 has a marvelous DAC and amp and to be honest I favor the DX100 DAC section over the Yulong D100 MkII..I'm going to send back the D100 since I find myself pairing  the DX100 as source of the V200 most of the time (using the HD800).

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My concern with going portable is they usually require being plugged in via USB in order to charge. This is one of the reasons I'm looking to get a full-size rig. If that wasn't the case I'd simply get another UHA-6SII to leave at work.

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On the USB power source alone (and not necessarily on the SQ requirements), if your computer has SPDIF output then you can use something like an Ibasso D12. Just get a USB power adapter for it - if you're using a desktop unit you're gonna run a power cable to a socket anyway.

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