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I have recently been looking for a small and possibly cheap dac or dac+amp for my laptop. I am an swedish exchangestudent in netherlands and I need the dac for my laptop. The main reason I need it is to get the audio output away from my mousehand since with my grado sr225i + adapter the plug gets rather tall and I keep bumping into it. My criterias are as following:


-Small in order to bring it back to Sweden when I am done in the netherlands.

-Preferably somewhat cheap since I am a student with a student budget, could probably go for 300 euro but quality is not to important since I will go over to better gear when I move.

-I need to be able to buy it in a physical store since where I live it wont be a chance in hell that I hear the delivery person.


I really hope anyone can help because this is getting seriously anoying. By the way, I do live in Eindhoven if anyone would know a store in the area which might have one.

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