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Hi there, my setup isn't brilliant by any means but i made do with what I have and it sounds decent enough to my ears :)


The setup i have is Foobar2000 playing FLAC > Asus Xonar DS > 3.5mm to RCA hi-fi interconnect > Sony TA-D505 Equaliser/Amplifier* > 5.25 - 3.5mm adapter > 3.5mm extension cable > Koss Pro DJ100's for general listening and Sony XB500's for bass heavy music.



All interconnects are high quality pro-audio shielded cables with gold plated connectors



*From a high end 90's Sony Hi-Fi system (LBT D505). It is paired with some Wharfedale Diamond 9.2's if there are speaker fanatics among us as well :P very nice speakers... 

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