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H3 Meet Impressions LA 8/18/2012 Thread  

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H3 Meet Impressions LA 8/18/2012 Thread


Mackat put together an impressive rig with a Sony TT, Jolida phono pre-amp, Bottlehead Crack, and an HD650. No veil and sounded pretty darn good.


More after I wake up.

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Some pictures. Sorry I did not get to meet you Purrin. Looked for you but don't know what you look like. Had a great time talking with N3dling, Frank Cooter and lots of other people I had not met before.

Thank you guys for organizing this.

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Thanks Purrin! Looking forward to the rest and pictures!smily_headphones1.gif
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Can't wait for impressions and pictures.
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Thanked everyone on the other thread so i will skip that over again.


Great meet, i actually heard three of the four things on my list-Pico Power portable amp, which I have preordered and I was even more impressed than i thought I would be, The Fostex TH900s, my now next headphone, and the T1's finally, which were okay, not bad, better than many, but not inspiring to me really.  I realized that i forgot to try to track down a Sig Pro, but don't think that one was there.   


On top of those three i got some great insight and heard a lot of awesome gear.  Lots of good electrostat stuff was there as well as dynamic and ortho.  


Very glad that i was able to make time to attend.  Thanks again to all!

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Thanks to Purrin and everyone putting together a great meet and
many thanks to those who brought their gears to share.

It was an awesome meet, my first time and I really enjoy it alot.

Here're pictures of the meet:


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Thanks Purrin. the meet was great and it was awesome to put a face to many of the headfi handles. 

Audeze LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of headphones that redefine the world of high-end audio using a unique combination of proprietary planar magnetic...
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Actually it was my Sigma 404. I am downloading (or trying to) like 90 pictures. I guess is going to take all night :(

There were so many great rigs....

I really liked the Lavry DA11. Sorry could not hear N3rdling's Blue Hawaii . The T2 (Andy's?) was amazing. I liked the 009's but not really sure I liked it enough to buy it. On the other hand, I was wowed by the LCD3. Very very nice especially with the Eddie Current Balancing Act. I did not think the soundstage was bad at all.

Orpheus? liked the sound too, a lot, but the original Omegas I have heard before impressed me even more. 

Frank Cooter's amp was beautiful like all the amps he makes, Chinsetta's headphones were interesting, The Koss 950? great sound, great buy with lifetime warranty. Wish Stax would do the same.

009 with the 727 was great, with the T2, amazing. You could fry eggs on it! (T2)

There were so many great DACs I am back to square one. Too many choices.

The Yamamoto amp was also very enjoyable.

The HD800's? too bright for my taste although St Matthews Passion sounded very clear and spacious with the Luxman amp.

The Yamaha's orthodynamics (T2 or P2?) were great, and the vintage Marantz receiver looked sharp. I want one!

Cavalli's amps looked quite sharp but did not expend much time with them. I should have.

Still waiting for my pics to upload. Sorry.

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Yamaha HP2
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Thanks Purrin for the awesome meet. It was organized amazingly well. It is 3 years since we came to LAX Hilton for CanJam09 with Prototype LCD1s.Met a lot of familiar faces and some new ones. It was awesome meeting people and putting a face to some of the headfi handles. 

Audeze LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of headphones that redefine the world of high-end audio using a unique combination of proprietary planar magnetic...
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My personal highlights: 


1) Perfectwave DAC (I think?) + The Cavalli LL + Stax 009.

2) Perfectwave DAC + Eddie Current S7 + HD800.

3) LFF Custom CTH (pimped) + Paradox.

4) Mackat's set up (Sony + Jolida + Marantz receiver + HD650) 

5) UHA-6 Leckerton (with my humble-fi HD558!)

6) Sennheiser Orpheus


Fostex TH900 sounder better than I expected. The Denon 7100 where OK (didn't have them on for too long.) Liked the SR-404 quite a bit.


Really nice meet! Thanks Purrin! and thank you all!



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What a wonderfully organized and well run meet!! Definitely one of my favorites in the L.A. area. Much credit to Purrin, n3rdling, Anaxilus, Jude, and the other organizers. 

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Awesome meet. MisterRogers HE-6 set up was my favorite and I would love to get one like it. It was my favorite set up with the Schiit Lyr Bifrost with the HE-400 set up by Schiit audio. Will be my next setup. I am willing with some help on from people on here to set up the next meet. Sometime next year.

Thanks Purrin

P.S pardong said Hi and thanks.
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I really liked the HE Audio Jades, but never did catch up with their owner. I heard they were heavily modded and I'd love to find out what was done with them :)



Thanks for organizing an awesome meet. The turnout was great, and yet the rooms weren't too noisy. Fantastic!

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