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T70 Gel Pads

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I have found only one place selling these Gel pads for the Beyerdynamic T70. I would like to get a set since I really don't like the stock ones. Are there any other suggestions for ear pads for these cans.


Are these the correct ones for the T70? Is their any other place that sells them. Also, has anyone ever bought from this site?




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These should fit all Beyers.  Cuz all of the big cup Beyers from T1 on down to Dt770 use the same earpad style (correct me if I'm wrong Beyer experts?).  I've taken a fair few apart, anyway.  I want these pads for my 880s.

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Sweet. Just ordered me a pair. I hope they create a better seal like I have been reading about.

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For me the gel pads had a negative effect (i think a dip between my ear an jaw helped cause this).
Sub-bass was good but bass and mids were recessed. Also the treble had high amounts of sibilance.

Thankfully I decided to try them without as I was about to send the T70 back. Unlike others I seem to get a good seal with the stock pads. Bass is strong (stronger than my DT880 but not as natural), mids displayed almost no noticeable signs of being recessed and the sibilance dissipated.

I was truly shocked at just how much the pads changed the sound of this headphone. If someone in Australia is looking for these pads I would part with them for cheap.
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At first I didn't like them. However, I gave them another whirl. The are starting to grow on me. The Gel Pads are a lot more comfortable then the stock pads. They don't seem to isolate sound as well. It does slightly make the mids recessed but you really have to pay attention to hear it. The base is a lot better. Also, they lift the speaker part of the headphone up off my ear unlike stock pads. With the stock pads it felt like my ear was resting right on the transducer. Making it really difficult to listen to for extened periods. I guess these Gel pads are something more of a personal taste then overall improvement over the stock pads.

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