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About to finish my setup, only need one more piece!

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Hey all!


I've now almost completed my headphone setup. Here it is:


Technics Sp-10, plinthless on a concrete slab.

TTWeights Ultimat. Alchemist audio record weight.


Audio-technica ATP-12t broadcast arm, on an armored concrete / panzerholz armpod and mapleshade spikes.


Denon dl103


Cinemag CMQEE-3440A transformers

Yaqin MS-22b


Antique soundlabs Twinhead MK1 with upgrades. RCA Black plates 2a3.


Audeze LCD2 rev1



Now, the weakest link is the phono stage. The MS22b is (supposedly) the phono-only version of the ms-12b, and sounds quite good, however I feel like I could do a bit more considering everything that surrounds it.


I have been looking at phono stages for quite a while, and here are the options so far around my budget:



EAR 834p at 800$

Simaudio lp3 + welbourne PS at 550$

Simaudio lp5.3 at 775$

PS Audio GCPH at 600$


Jasmine audio LP2 at ~500$0

Jolida JD-9a at 600$


all prices include taxes, shipping, duties, etc.


I was curious if anyone had experiences with the previous phonos. I'm also interested by comparisons of the jasmine with other phonos at this price point as most reviews don't compare it to anything.


Also, the simaudio unints have a slight advantage in that I live quite close to the simaudio factory and could have them repaired quite easily, unlike the EAR, PS Audio and especially the Jasmine.

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I can speak to the Jasmine phono preamp. Compared to my other phono preamps (Bugle w/upgraded parts, MF V-Phono) the Jasmine is quite a step up. The Fremer "review" of the Jasmine is pretty suspect in reference to a current LP2.0SE MKII. Jasmine Audio has steadily upgraded components since the version he heard and I also think he did not allow for the extremely long (100+ hours) break in requirement. Before break in I heard what he described - a dynamically flat and dull sound.


It sounds rich in texture and you will notice a large sound space with precise instrument location. It resolves detail without edginess and overall is very engaging. Bass is reproduced with great impact and authority; high end detail is natural and delicate; the midrange is where the Jasmine really shines and holds one's attention.


I improved my Jasmine LP2.0SE MKII by replacing parts and adding caps to both the power supply box and the main phono box.


My only other choice was the JoLida JD-9A but I did not want tubes in a phono preamp. Too tweeky for me and I want the unit always "On" and warmed up, ready to go. The obvious downside of the Jasmine is warranty work. I had an issue with a weak channel on mine but they worked with me well and got the problem resolved. It was all well worth it for the sound (and especially the gorgeous appearance).

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Hello Roth,

I was going to also upgrade the electrolytic capacitors in the Jasmine LP2.0 SE phono and the power supply, First I have already replaced the coupling caps with clarity MR film caps these really helped and boy the name clarity is true. As for the phono I want to use Elna Silmic II and Nichicon Muse KZ type both are only available in 1000uf at 50v  and  FG Series Nichicon fine gold. is available in 2200uf / 25VDC,


  I was reading a thread about caps and how they sound it was suggested that for something really special use Elna Silmic II and Nichicon Muse KZ  both together so I thought i could use both in the phono this will not increase capacitance but will sound better I would replace the ones installed with the Nichicon first one with the, FG then KZ and add the Elna to the open socket


Then reading Phillip Holmes tweaks the $639 Jasmine LP2.0 SE  I don't think he did any thing to the phono just increased capacitance in the power supply and found this to really help. Here I was thinking of using  Nichicon KA Series Electrolytic Caps available in both 1000 uf 50v and 2200 uf 50v but I don't really know at looking at the board where to add any caps looks like you can add 3 

I would like to know what to add and where, replace existing with what valve? I wanted to add a photo of the power supply board but it says I don't have permissions


 I was also looking at the transformer maybe add an aircore transformer ?

Thanks Ron

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Hey Ron,


I am sorry I am not able to help you at this point. I don't have photos and it's been too long to recall exactly what I did! It seems you want to completely change the sound of the preamp without knowing how much it will change, or if the change will be desirable. I don't blame you for wanting to improve on a good thing, but when you randomly replace the majority of components...you end up chasing the rabbit.


Your questions might be bettter addressed at the DIY forums.


You might save your money and get a used very-high-end preamp? Just a thought.

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its not random I changed the coupling caps 6 months ago. I like the improvement now I just want to replace the cheap electrolytic capacitors about 8 and add maybe 4 with some electrolytic capacitors that I have used before and some that I have not but they come highly recommended this only cost maybe 20 bucks and I feel the sound will improve based on what others have done just wondering about the power supply caps its not real clear what to do here.

its not real hard I can probably figure it out. I just thought with your experience  you may be able to help. thank you for taking the time to answer me and giving your opinion thank you


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Rockinroni -


A while back I contacted I contacted Phillip Holmes about his mods to his Jasmine 2.0SE.  He was very enthusiastic about the improvement and also revealed that after trying several capacitor iterations he unfortunate damaged the Power Supply circuit board.  He offered to send me the board with the capacitors that he'd upgraded.  I have not yet had the motivation to upgrade my Jasmine LP2.0MKII, and so still have the disassembled P/S circuit board and can take some pictures for you if you are interested in seeing those.


Bill K.

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well I am interested to know where he added the caps if you have a photo showing that information that would be very helpful thanks in advance for your much needed help I do not have permission to insert an image of my power supply or i would do that


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