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Looking for headphones akin to Shure 440s

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I got the Shure 440 headphones around mid June. At the same time, I bought the Shure 840 pads, because I heard about how much better they are than the stock pads on the 440 (and, granted, they are much better). I also purchased a Cowon J3, because I cracked the screen on my old iPod Nano.


Now, I absolutely love my 440s... for the most part. What I love about them is the sound. The sound signature of them is perfect; I love it. What I hate? How uncomfortable and heavy they are. The headband presses on the top of my head and gives me headaches, because a) it's too flat and b) it (the headband itself) is too heavy.


So I want another pair of headphones that have an sound signature akin to the Shure 440, because the 440s are too uncomfortable and top-heavy. I don't want to spend over $200, and I would like to stay under $150, if it can be helped.

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The Ultrasone Hfi-580's and the ATH-M50's are pretty good headphones for what you are looking for. I would recommend the 580's more though because they are cheaper and in my opinion a bit better with the mids.

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I'd rather not get the ATH-M50's, because I really, really love the mids on the 440's, and I've read that M50's have recessed mids.


As for the HFI-580's, I'm not sure.. I've heard that they are like M50's, but with a bit more mid to them. However, people say they are better for music like hip-hop and metal. What I'm really interested in is Radiohead. My 440's do Radiohead great justice, and I'm afraid of how the sound may change with other headphones. I also listen to RHCP, Coldplay, Oberhofer, MGMT, and Green Day (many genres, I know).


Also, I feel that I should note that I listen to my music quite loud. Usually, with the J3 (if on the "normal" equalizer), I have the sound on 36-37.

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. I have both and I find them somewhat similar, the Beyer's are MUCH more comfortable as well.

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The Beyer 770 is in my price range, but, my god it's gigantic. With my 440's, I can put them in a backpack with my laptop, microphone, and PS3 controller and it'll fit.

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I'm looking at both of them right now next to each other and they really aren't that much bigger. But, I suppose if you want to be able to carry them around every little bit matters. Mine just sit on their hanger when I'm not using them so size is a non-factor for me.

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The Shure 440's fold, making them much more portable.


After looking at reviews of the Beyers.. well, people say they are quite bassy and lack detail in mids in highs, which I absolutely need, especially with a band like Radiohead (one reviewer said "not an excellent pick for rich instrumental or voice detail").

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