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Who likes Atmosphere?

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I don't really like rap but this guy is really good. 



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I like him. Probably one of the few hip hop artists I listen to. Really like his most recent works.

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I don't really listen to him much, I'm not really sure why that is though, because everything that I've heard from him (old stuff) was really good.

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I used to hate atmosphere when i first heard slug rapping back in like 03 or 04, it wasnt until i heard the "you cant believe how much fun we're having" album back in like 09 or 2010 that i came around, thats a great album, i'd recommend that to any fan of underground hip hop

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I used to enjoy the Overcast album but loved! the Headshots:Se7en album to bits.  Havent heard it in its entiriety for a few years now.  Maybe I should sort that out.  Thinking back my favourite tracks were Molly Colly & The Abusing of The Rib, really liked the piano loop on that one.

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I used to be a big fan of Atmosphere, I actually saw him live last summer. I haven't listened to much from slug lately though, or anything similar for that matter.

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atmosphere is pretty good. if you like him you should listen to sage francis, murs, jedi mind tricks, zion I, immortal technique

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sage frances sucks.


lol this has been my opinion since like 2005 and it will remain so until im lying on my deathbed, honestly i cant even remember a song from him, but i just remember hating him with a passion back in the day and i cant seem to let go of the rage lol oh well

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does anyone like astronautalis?  any similarities with Atmosphere?


I always placed Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, and Atmosphere in the same catagory - I know they are extremely different but they always seemed the same to me.

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