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V-Moda Crossfade LP Review

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Got these for $80 on the Amazon Gold Box offer a few days ago. I have no clue why I bought them, I guess it's because I remembered one good M-80 review on Head-Fi a while back.

Packaging: They come in a very nice box and include a great set of accesseories. Included is a nice looking case, two removable cables (one with mic and controls), a 6.3mm jack adapter, and a keyring to hang the case off a backpack.

Design and Comfort: These look gorgeous. They feel extremely well built and are backed by V-Moda's immortal life program, which allows you to buy a new pair for half off in the case yours breaks (however I do not know if it's half off the MSRP or half off sale price). The cable is removable as mentioned earlier, which is a nice feature and the cables themselves are great quality. Comfort-wise there could be improvements. You cannot adjust the angle at which the headband sits on your head due to the narrow space in the pads (although this is common with smaller over-ear headphones). They are a bit heavy due the high-quality plastics used, but that shouldn't bother you too much. I didn't sweat while using them, but my brother did and the headphones did get hot after prolonged use.

Sound: Disgusting gobs of bass. Oh God, these are unusable because of the damn bass on most tracks. It isn't nice and thumpy like on the ZX700 or even smooth. It is like someone is vomitting sound. It's extremely messy and makes music tracks noisy and unclean. It isn't veiling bass like on a pair of Beats, but it is very fatiguing, will blow your hearing, and give you a headache. It's such a shame, because the mids and highs have excellent clarity and detail. When EQd the sound does improve a bit, but it varies from song to song really. Such a shame. They're also very easy to drive and have a good level of loudness.

Isolation: They isolate very well (most likely because of the loudness), but sound leaks so everyone will hear what you are listening to. 

Conclusion: Don't buy these at any price point. They are just unusable. For $80 you can find the Sony ZX700, which isn't as detailed, but has tighter bass, more refined highs, and better isolation. For $110 you can get the legendary ATH-M50s. Seriously I don't recommend these at all.


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Ok so what if you are a Basshead. I actually love the heavy bass those things have. I love the vibration in my ears. Lol. I listen to electronic, dance, house, dubstep, hip hop, rnb,. Etc.....
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