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For Sale or Trade: HD 600 and collection

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For Sale or Trade:
HD 600 and collection

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am going to college soon and would like to get some better headphones for dorm use (before anyone asks I will be in a single room so theft will not be an issue).

For sale:

Sennheiser HD600: very good condition, no visual scratches and the drivers are in excellent conditions and very few hours on them (I am looking for around $300 with the upgraded stock cable)

Schiit Lyr: Also in very good condition comes with two pairs of tubes (1 6BZ7 and one pair of JJ tubes, not sure on the exact number) is in excellent working condition (around $400, includes both tubes, standard power cable and RCA to 3.5mm cable)

O2 Amp: Very good condition (The amp has dust on the top of it, which appears to be scratches) also in great working order (around $100)

Various accessories: 1 Relyon Silver High Current AC with High Quality Silver (around $60), 1 RCA to 3.5mm plug (included with the Lyr), 1 4' DIY cable that I made (Around $100), it works really well! there are a few aesthetic issues, one of the plugs has a scratch on it from when I was screwing it on and is missing the plastic, but it is in perfect working condition.


Ideally I would like to trade either some or all of these items for either a pair of LCD 2 (rev 2 only and I would prefer the wooden box) (and I would keep the O2 amp) or I would trade everything for a pair of HD 800s (I dont really care about scratches, but it must be in perfect working condition).



I would really like to sell all of these at once, but I understand that is unlikely so I would like to at least sell the amp and headphones as a pair, but if you wish to buy something alone please message me with an offer. 

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