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Big praise for small and cheap buds

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I've been listening to several CD's with my new D-EJ925, and tried out my "cheapie" $20 Sennheiser MX 400 buds, and, you know what, they really work fabulously with heavy rock recordings. They may not be quite as comfortable as my 888's or have the solid mids and highs, but, for use with the 925, they seem to be a very good fit.

I find the 888's work incredibly well for classical music with my MD units; I think I'll just use them for that prupose, and stick with the MX 400's when I want to let my hair down.....

(FYI, I am totally clean-shaven on top!)
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Mx 400's are under rated. A great sounding earphone(bud), dollar for dollar the best piece of audio equipment I own. I paid 12.00 for them and expected very little and was surprised by their performance.
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I hear ya man!

I recently found out that the mx500 are just a bit more neutral, and a bit more polite on the sibilants than the mx400. these are subtleties that won't show up in AB tho.

and they not only work great heavy rock, they do great with pretty much everything I throw at em.

(gawd it's weird, 'hangin' with all these $1000-system guys and listening to earbuds and loving it....)
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how do the mx400s/mx500s stand up to the koss ksc35/ksc50 pair? I currently have the ksc50s and use them with my portable mp3 player. They sound good, but something a bit more compact and...eh...visually subtle...would be nice. Can any of you comment on the sound of the ksc50s compared to the mx400/500?
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beni, I own the KSC-35, KSC-50, and MX-500.

The MX-500 are great earbuds, especially for $20 (people who have heard both the 500 and 400 seem to agree that the 500 are a smidgen better).

However, when you A/B them with the KSC, the MX-500 fall quite short IMO. They have nice detail and pretty good midrange, but they simply don't have the range and balance that the KSC-35 have. The KSC-50 are a bit closer, but still better. More bass, better midrange, and pretty close in the detail.
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hmph...i guess i'm stuck trying to find a pair of ksc-35s on the cheap then.

thanks for the reply macdef.
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