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Curra, you mentioned that you preferred the Octave unless you ran the AP1/PP with the Calyx, feeling no need for the Octave. But how is the AP1/PP to Octave Vs AP1/PP to Calyx?

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Hi guys. I'm just wondering... How does compare usb to the spdif in this dac? I didn't auditioned them yet but I've heard some good opinions on this dac and few of guys said that it sounds even better via usb. Is that correct? Anyone can confirm that myth?

By the way it has pretty decent specs.

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I know this thread is years old, but I purchased a Calyx 24/192 a few months ago and find it to be quite musical and moving emotionally.  The posts about connecting it to the Audiophilleo and the vast improvement got me wondering; what amp was the music coming out of and through what speakers?  Anyone care to respond?  I have a Marantz PM 11S3 integrated amp and Monitor Audio RX 6 speakers and my music sounds wonderful to me.  I listen to classical, Gospel, soundtracks, Christmas,  jazz, country, new age, Celtic, R&B, Rock, Blues, Pop, and even a touch of electronica. I'm not saying every song sounds 1st class because not all music is mastered equally, but I thoroughly enjoy ALL of my music.  Even most of my mp3 downloads sound astonishingly better than I've ever heard them sound before.  I frequently find myself sitting with a stupid "WOW" grin on my face with my feet tapping.  Whatever your end choice I hope you all have found musical bliss.

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